Born on January 16, 1959 “Helen Folasade Adu” known as “Sade”. She is a British singer-songwriter, composer and record producer. Her birthplace is Ibadan, Nigeria. She turned 61 in January of 2020.

Her father is Nigerian and met her mother who was an English district nurse at the time they met in 1955 and they eventually moved to Nigeria where Sade was born.

When the marriage turned difficult, her mother moved back to England and brought Sade with her. Sade was around 4 years old. Sade’s middle name means “Honor confers your crown”.

Sade is a hard-working person with Sun, Mercury and Saturn in Capricorn. She has 5 planets in the Earth element and 5 fixed quality making her natal signature Taurus. This is where her silky, sexy voice is found in her chart.

Since her birthtime is not available, I don’t know her rising sign.

Her natal Moon is in Aries with the South Node conjunct or close by. In past lives she was very independent and a warrior spirit. This lifetime, with North Node in Libra, she wants to grow through her relationships with others.

Her first hit “Smooth Operator” got her noticed in a college band and was signed by Epic Records in 1983 as a solo artist although she did bring 3 of her original band members from college with her.

With Mars in Taurus she has sex appeal and knows how to calm down her Aries Moon which is about emotional impatience. Taurus moves slowly while Aries wants things done as soon as possible.

After being signed in 1983 she came out with her debut album “Diamond Life” in 1984. She has become the most successful solo female artist in British History selling over 110 million albums. Her net wroth is around 30 million. Taurus knows how to make money and hold onto it without being a showoff.

Venus in Aquarius combined with her Capricorn energies is not the type of person who favors co-dependency. This is emotional detachment.

Her Mars in Taurus says hug me, but her Venus in Aquarius with Capricorn planets says keep your distance. This is an independent woman who loves friendships but does not always feel comfortable in one to one partnership. The partnership must be friendship first.

Pluto in Virgo can be self-critical and a perfectionist. She knows how to bring her audience into a deep trance with Pluto trine to Mercury through her words she sings and communicates with.

She has two children, one from her partners past marriage, and her son is transgender who was her daughter but has chosen to become a man. This can force a parent to become flexible to say the least. How does a person with a Taurus signature become flexible? What a life lesson.

Her part of fortune is in Cancer, the sign of the mother. She enjoys being a mother and her mother was her blessing/fortune in her life.  

She is very private with Pluto in Virgo and wanting her own independent space with Venus in Aquarius and planets in Capricorn. So, where is the show Bizz.

She does not have any planets in their fall and no T-Squares, so a lot of tension is taken out of the chart. She did not have an easy childhood, but she remained strong and confident. Uranus in Leo can create unexpected events in her childhood that would force her to except instability at times.

Remember, no rising sign without the exact birth time. She took a long 8-year break from the public and really hates having her privacy invaded. She really does not want to be the center of attentions, but Uranus in Leo suddenly put her in the limelight forcing her to be more open to the public in a huge way.

She was planning a 2020 tour but the virus pandemic has stopped many celebrities fron touring this year. What will happen when her Mercury stations retrograde in her progressed chart around the age of 62. Will she want to continue another tour? If she decides to continue, she will always be a blessing to thousands of her fans worldwide.

Jupiter and Neptune in Scorpio gives her regenerative power. Because we were born only 10 months apart, I can understand her Neptune square Venus. We have karma that forces us to be independent and the creative fantasy outlet is our real ecstasy.

Her Venus beauty comes from her Taurus signature.

Sade is, independent, creative, sensual, a food friend, dependable, has good taste in foods and clothing, will fight for her life with confidence, beautiful being Venus ruled as her signature, and a hard worker.

Sade is in the “Celebrity Spotlight”.