Born Onika Tanya Maraj, Nicki Minaj, will turn 36 on December 8th,  born in 1982 at 9:25AM in Port of Spain, Trinidad.  

She has Sun, Venus, Mercury, Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius, Aquarius rising at the critical degree of Zero with Moon in Virgo. 

Nicki Minaj is known to speak her mind and even thou her Progressed Mercury stationed retrograde at age 22 and won’t station direct till her 49 birthday, all of her Sagittarius energy can’t hold her back from speaking her mind.  

To understand her you have to know her background childhood upbringing which was very rough. Her Moon in the eighth house in Virgo is afflicted. It is square to her North Node, Neptune, Venus and Mercury.  

Any astrologer that knows their stuff, knows that the Moon in the eighth house square to Venus can have abusive relationships with power control issues. Thank God she is growing up now and Jupiter on her side in 2019 to keep her mind on her work.  

She loves working with Mars in Capricorn conjunct her rising sign of Aquarius. The Moon from the eighth house is trine to her rising helping her to appeal to woman as a strong role mode.  

She has said in past interviews that because of her tuff childhood, father was a severe drug addict and had a history of violence, this shows with her Sun unaspected except from Venus forming a wide conjunction, her father (Sun) represented by the Sun and Saturn, are out of control (unaspected) and Saturn is conjunct Pluto BOTH square to her rising sign and Mars.  

Her way out of his violent behavior was to go into her fantasy world (Venus, Neptune and Mercury) all in Sagittarius where her only reality was her fantasy life. She would lock herself up in her room and write lyrics. Violence from the father could be physical with these astrological signatures.  

Because of her childhood and what she saw her mother go through, she holds female empowerment at a central theme of her fame.

She was recently on “Ellen DeGeneres” saying after dating since the age of 15 where she had 3 major relationships were one lasted 6 years, a 12 year one and a 2 year one, she is feeling empowered by not needing a man's aproval all the time and being on her own. She said she is finding herself. 

She has also said in interviews that she is very close to her mother, Moon in the eighth house afflicted shows a karmic debt to her mother by being a strong woman with Mars conjunct the rising and the only planet without tensions to the Moon.  

She always wanted her mother to be stronger but knew she was trapped by her father's violent behavior, so she felt if she was successful, she could help her mother that way and

help woman understand that this is not the 1920’s, as stated on the Ellen D show, and it's time to get moving. Let’s go girls, she said.  

Although a very rebellious nature comes from Mars close to the rising in the rebellious sign of Aquarius rising, her Virgo Moon in the eighth paints a different picture of her on the inside. Virgo is known to be the healer of the Zodiac. She also has a great sense of humor which is common for those who are Sagittarius. They can be the jokesters of the Zodiac.  

She is very giving and does not spend lots of money on herself but buys friends cars and supports organizations that empower woman through educational scholarships and other means. This is a very generous person. Sagittarius is known to want to do things in a big way and they get into trouble with straight talk without holding back or concern for the other person. They can regret some of the things they say.  

It is her Mercury, Neptune and Venus conjunctions that enable her to create Rapp lyrics and channel energies from a higher dimension (Neptune) of beauty (Venus) and lots to say (Mercury) with both Mercury and Moon sextile to her Jupiter in the tenth house of vocation. Very strong tenth house as Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius and co-ruler of Pisces.  

The aspect coming from Jupiter to the Moon makes her appealing to the public and brings good fortune from females as well as having her part of fortune in Scorpio conjunct her MC in Scorpio. Sex appeal is her other talent to sell music with or use as an actress/model. She has a line of perfumes she sells also. Sun conjunct Venus as the only major aspect to the Sun.  

Sagittarius gets a reputation in the astrology community as bachelor or bachelorette as they desire freedom and marry later in life unless something else in the chart says otherwise. 

Kujadosha in her Vedic (India) chart is Mars in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses is not good for domestic harmony. 40% of Americans have it. It can create divorce. Nicki has it in her first house. I have found woman to be vindictive, not nice with this placement. They will cut you off in a heartbeat if you say something that challenges them. Rebellious.  

If they marry before the age of 29, then divorce would be the norm. As far as I know Nicki Minaj has never been married but was engaged at one point. Honestly, I would not recommend marriage for her as she is very, very, very hard working and very, very independent.  

Her 2019 tour is loaded almost daily with a show. Promoting her new album “Goddess”. She is now experiencing a new Jupiter cycle (12 years) that started October 22 of 2018. She will not have time for marriage. A part of her does want it with North Node in Cancer but fame and fortune have a price to pay just keeping up with a new album and new tour to promote it.   

With Scorpio ruling her vocational house (MC), part of fortune conjunct the MC in Scorpio and Mars, the co-ruler of Scorpio, conjunct her rising in Aquarius, sexual personification is a natural costume she wears 24/7.  

Honestly, I personally don’t enjoy rap music or a big butt, but I have listened to some of her songs like “Moment of Life”, “Beez in the Trap”, “Starships”, “Your Love” and “Super Bass”, and she is very good in helping rap music be the creative messenger that it is. She does have one of the most beautiful faces and long hair. I enjoy her style of rap music. 

“Pills and Potions” video is very well done and explains humanities present state of affairs with drug addictions.  

With her new 12-year Jupiter cycle and transiting Jupiter entering the 11house on December 10, remember all of the planets in Sagittarius are in the 11th house, she is headed for 2019 with even more fame than I think she can handle. The eleventh house is where you accumulate large sums of money from freelance work or investments. You fulfill wishes and dreams in the eleventh house.  

I do see her moving towards spirituality, she loves to listen to Enya, that will manifest for her within the next few years. If she is smart, and it shows she is, she will donate much of her money to organizations that help those who have nothing. She is a healer underneath the hard armor. She will heal the world IF she does not fall from grace from her being famous.  

January, March, April, July, August, September and November will be very successful for her.  

Nicki Minaj is a very strong woman, creative, sexy, too loud at times, a quiet little girl inside, intelligent, a leader for woman’s rights, healer, a great sense of humor and one who would never give up on her mother.  

Nicki Minaj is in the “Celebrity Spotlight”.