Sir Paul McCartney was born June 18th, 1942. He turns 76 today. I've seen 2 birthtimes for him but I use 2:30AM with Double Daylight Time. Born in Liverpool, England.  

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Leo and Pisces rising. The rising comes out zero degrees and 33 minutes of Aries saying he is on the cusp of Pisces/Aries. I think his large eyes and humanitarian/spiritual interest in life is Pisces rising.  

This time would give him a Yod that points to the MC and a couple of grand crosses also involving the MC. Therefore, his vocational direction is filled with opportunities and lots of energy to accomplish a long musical career.  

With Sun and Mercury in Gemini in the 3rd house normally ruled by Gemini, he has a lot too say and write. This combination makes him a great writer and information gatherer. Gemini also tends to appear younger in age even in later years.  

His performance energy comes from a Mars, Pluto and Moon conjunction (Stellium) in Leo. Again, we have Pluto in Leo exalted. Both Mars and Pluto together in the 5th house normally ruled by Leo, gives him command of the stage. Both Mars and Pluto are trine to his rising allowing his personal power to be used in a gentle way.  

He has been a vegetarian for years defending animal rights and supporting Transcendental Meditation as a way to bring more peace in life. Most of this is from his Pisces rising with Neptune in Virgo, the healer sign and Jupiter, the classical ruler of Pisces, in Cancer exalted making his a very giving person.  

Venus in Taurus is seen in many musician's charts as it brings joy to life through the use of their hands. The part of fortune is conjunct his Venus in the first house making him appealing but the square from Venus to his natal Moon in Leo creates tensions in his personal life. He is in his 3rd marriage.  

His marriage to Linda McCartney lasted 29 years. It was obvious that they were soul twins and the loss of her to breast cancer was the greatest loss of his life. However, at age 14 he lost his mother who died from a mastectomy. Pluto conjunct both Mars and Moon, Moon represents his mother and woman in his life, would bring him face to face with birth and death issues related to surgery.  

John Lennon also lost his mother at an early age and this brought the both of them together with a deep common bond of experience.  

He has won the highest of honor awards and knows how to manifest abundance in his life with an exalted Jupiter conjunct his Sun and several sextiles from Mars/Pluto in the 5th to Uranus and Saturn in the 2nd house. All of these planets are involved in a Yod "Finger of God" that points to his MC/Vocational house cusp. Yod's can bring opportunities where you are in the right place at the right time. 

Sir Paul McCartney is one of the greatest singer/songwriters of our time, humanitarian for animal rights, cares about children (Planets in the 5th all in Leo), great at photography like Linda was, a man who knows how to overcome great loss with a sense of humor that makes us laugh and enjoy the little things in life.  

The songs of the Beatles and his own solo efforts live on in our hearts and souls forever.  

Sir Paul McCartney is in the "Celebrity Spotlight"