Born on August 13th, 1951 till his passing at the age of 56 on December 16, 2007 from prostate cancer. 

The late Daniel Grayling Fogelberg, “Dan Fogelberg” was one of the few artists who could create a song as if it was a painting. He could sing, write and play multiple instruments. Piano, acoustic and electric guitar as well as having a great singing voice.

Dan Fogelberg has a perfect Sun/Pluto exact conjunction in Leo at 19 degrees. This gave him more powerful levels of inner exploration and much like Scorpio,
Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio, many of Dan's photos has the deep hypnotic look in his eyes and could have been mistaken as a Scorpio.

When a planet is that close to the Sun sign, it colors it with the personality of the sign ruled by that planet.

Example: Leo is a very upbeat and sunshine type of sign since the Sun normally rules Leo. But, with Pluto right on top of the Sun, it takes on the deep, mysterious and often very private energies of Scorpio. Very different than the sunny type of personality that Leo is noted for.

His song “Phoenix” is the perfect song that shows the issues of transformation, birth and death, passion and deep insight associated with the sign of Scorpio. He says in his first lines of the song “I have cried too, I have cried too long” and, “Found deep water before I even learned to swim”, ….

The Sun/Pluto conjunction gave him sex appeal with both planets’ trine to Jupiter in the 10th house of vocational direction in Aries but MC ruled by Pisces. Jupiter adds good fortune and luck and a vocation that is larger than life.

Jupiter ruled Pisces before Neptune was discovered. We have the ruler of his MC in the 10th house of vocational recognition. With the Sun and Pluto in the 2nd house of money earned daily, he could make money with Jupiter
involved. Lots of it.

But Jupiter is involved in a T-square opposing the artistic Neptune in the 4th in Libra with both Jupiter and Neptune square to Uranus. Uranus creates the ups
and downs while Jupiter and Neptune show the ups and downs are involved with his career as an artist.

His Moon in Sagittarius shows someone who enjoys sports and was an avid downhill skier and a sailor. He needed lots of room for time to heal with the Moon and Chiron right on top of each other at 27 degrees.

Sagittarius is noted to be a sign that loves freedom and hard to commit to relationships. It takes them in the later years of life to finally get it right.

He was married 3 times with his third marriage to Jean Fogelberg from 2002-2007. Having Venus in its fall in Virgo was not helpful. This is the perfectionist that is not happy enough and this quality most likely was in his professional and personal life.

His need for family and a place of belonging is obvious with cancer rising. Cancer is the sign that wants a home. Too feel like there is a place for them to rest. But, how does the Moon in Sagittarius, the traveler, find the balance with having a place to live but at the same time travel around the world?

He owned two homes. One in Colorado and one in Maine. Remember, the Moon is the natural ruler of the sign of Cancer. The Moon ruled his chart.

Eventually, I believe, his being on the road would take up so much of his energy. Cancer is a sign that is more domestically oriented. Both Cancer and Leo are most affiliated with children. “The Innocent Age” brings out his love for children. I do not believe he had any children of his own.

The music business also takes away from the privacy he wanted. Sun conjunct Pluto is very private like the sign of Scorpio, but the Sun in Leo loves to perform and be the center of attentions. Two very different energies. I'm sure he struggled with this all this life. How can I find the balance?

Both of his parents were musicians. His father was a band leader and his mother was a classically trained pianist. His song “Leader of the Band” was about his
father who passed away a year after he released the song in 1982.

His soul is old and sensitivity high. Songs like “To the Morning, Stars, Souvenirs,The last nail, Dancing Shoes, Promises Made, Hotel Hearts, Exile, Longer Than and
so many more show his ability to be open and deep. He was very philosophical and romantic.

He had the talent of detail with South Node, Mercury, Venus and Saturn all in Virgo. His past lives he learned a lot about details and was most likely a great teacher.

He was one of the most diversified musicians exploring soft rock, country, bluegrass, classical, rock and jazz.

The 2 Yod's (Finger of God) pointing to his MC, vocational mid-heaven, shows lot's of effort to make it and adjust at times to the music business which would more than likely do the most damage to his health as we have seen in so many famous musicians.

Yod's create the stress in life but they also can create being at the right place at the right time. The signs of Leo, Pisces and Libra involved in the Yod's clearly shows the stress and opportunities from the Yod's would be in the vocation of the arts in some way. He also enjoyed painting and I believe was his first passion when he attended the University of Illinois.

 This was a very highly developed musician. Maybe too developed and sensitive to be a part of this crazy third dimensional world we call Earth.

 When I started to write this review, I began crying. I thought as a fan and musician myself who loves to play several of his songs, that I was beyond the loss. We miss you Dan Fogelberg. I wish I had a part in helping you in the end.

I will withhold my feelings about how the AMA, FDA and the FTC handle the topic of cancer out of respect for Dan as I know a lot of his proceeds go to research on prostate cancer. I think the front page on my website says enough.

Having lost my wife from breast cancer and having worked for nutritional company's, I have seen both sides of the story. The traditional sides and the holistic sides. 

Sometimes you might have to give up a piece of your bride. Will you even try.......

Dan Fogelberg is in the “Celebrity Spotlight”. Much love and light to you.

Way up in the heavens. In a much better place. Your fans still hear your songs. You left a huge mark on all of us. “The Innocent Age”, “The sand and the Foam” ....

 Thank you …. Thank you..................... Dancing Shoes....... False Faces......The Reach... It's father and son it’s the way it’s been done since the old days.

Somehow... it’s all a “Part of the Plan” .........

Scorpio is the sign that goes through the most growth in one lifetime. Pluto creates this when it is so on top of the any Sun sign. But, Leo loves to be the center of attentions and rules the performing arts. 

Dan Fogelberg experimented with so many different aspects of music that it would take most humans several lifetimes to accomplish what he did in one lifetime. 

 And the work lives on forever. Go to Dan and buy a newly released CD of his beginning days live concert “Dan Fogelberg. Live at Carnegie Hall”.

See you in heaven.........