Carly Simon is born “Carly Elisabeth Simon” on June 25, 1945, Bronx, N.Y. She will turn 74 years old this year 2019. I could not find an exact birthtime.

Born under the sensitive sign of Cancer, Carly Simon fits the characteristics of the crab. Sensitive, nurturing, values family and children, patriotic and with both Venus and Mars in Taurus she loves working with her hands (Taurus) and has a wonderful singing voice as Taurus rules the throat.

Having both Venus and Mars in Taurus, her senses are heightened. She has 5 planets in Earth if you consider Chiron. 5 planets in the cardinal quality makes her signature Capricorn.

If she was born between midnight and 6AM, her Moon is in Sagittarius. Her Moon would be in Capricorn if she was born after 6AM. I am going to say Capricorn using a 12Noon time.

Cancer and Capricorn are opposite signs. Capricorn wants to work hard but Cancer wants a place of belonging and loves children. Since the Moon is opposing her natal Sun, she would have been conflicted inside with both aspects of her life.

Her career started in 1964 and continues to this day. Her first solo album she put out in 1971 called “Carly Simon”. Her second solo album “No Secrets” gave her a #1 hit “You’re So Vain” in 1972 to 1973.

Her lyrics in the song “That’s the Way I Heard it Should Be”, reflects her sense of home, family and married life. Other songs she is famous for are, “Anticipation”, “You belong to me”, “Nobody does it better” and “Coming around again”.

She was blessed with a father that was the co-founder of Simon and Schuster. A classical pianist and a mother who was a civil rights activist as well as a singer. With Venus and Mars in Taurus, it would attract musical artists in her life. Neptune in Libra also is a wonderful creative energy that manifests beauty from the heavens above.

Pluto in Leo is exalted and gives a strong stage presence. It’s square to Mars in Taurus.  Around age 7 she was sexually assaulted by a teen family member and by age 8 she stuttered. Even thou a psychiatrist tried to help her overcome her stuttering, it was her singing, writing and playing guitar and piano that helped her overcome it.

She has been married twice. Once to James Taylor, which gave her two children, from 1972-1983. Then her second marriage to James Hart 1987-2007. She has not always attracted the best men in her life. Neptune and Chiron are at the center of a T-square and I think she has Virgo rising like James Taylor.

Both are shy when it comes to the camera and stage presence. Neptune and Chiron would attract partners who have addiction problems with drugs or alcohol and other addictive tendencies. Water signs need to be around those who are strong as they absorb all the strengths or weaknesses of the partner they are with. This has been the reality for Carly Simon.

Cancer anatomy is affiliated with breasts, stomach, fluid balance of the body, digestion, glandular secretions, left eye of male and right eye of female. Carly has had a mastectomy and went through chemotherapy for breast cancer from 1997-1998. She also has stage fright being highly sensitive with Mercury, Saturn, North Node and Sun in the sign of Cancer.

The Moon transits and progressed chart plays a very important part for the timing of events in her life as the Moon rules Cancer but also is ruling her North Node, her direction in life for gains.

She has written children’s books as well showing how much she cares about the education of children. I think she has Virgo rising with Chiron in Virgo nearby. This would give her healing abilities as well as face deep pain within herself so she can heal the past and move on with her life. Virgo rising is good for writing abilities and communicating a message through music. A perfectionist.

If the Moon is in Capricorn, which is in its detriment, she would have 4 planets in their detriment. Detriment planets don’t always feel comfortable and I think her exalted Pluto in Leo and Venus dignity in Taurus saved her from really falling apart all together.

Her net worth is around 80 million and she did win a Grammy in 1990 as well as an Oscar and Golden Globe awards in 1989.

Her voice and looks are very attractive.

Carly Simon is very talented, beautiful heart and soul, knows how to overcome obstacles in life, a dear friend to others, politically inclined, a wonderful wife and mother, highly sensitive, hard working and has a hidden power she can count on.

Carly Simon is in the “Celebrity Spotlight”.