James Taylor is born March 12, 1948 and turned 70 this year. His Sun is in Pisces, Moon in Aries and Virgo rising.

He started his career in 1968. With the release of “Fire and Rain” in 1970, it has been a very successful 50 years. His collection of hits made over the last 50 years still sells ½ million a year.

His unique finger-picking style is evident with Venus in Taurus. Taurus loves to work with their hands and Venus shows what one personally enjoys. His ability to attract money and a good business sense is seen with Pluto in Leo as well as Venus in Taurus. His net worth is 60 million.

Pisces is the sign affiliated with the arts, photography and music. The most sensitive sign of the Zodiac. Pisces is known to escape from the harsh world of reality through addictions like drugs or alcohol. James Taylor's first major hit “Fire and Rain” was about a close friend he had when going through drug rehab who died from an overdose.

James Taylor admitted that drugs are a waste of time and finally gave up his usage of drugs in 1984. His Sun in Pisces in the 7th house of marriage square to his natal Uranus in the 10th house of vocation opposing his natal Jupiter, also square to his Sun, shows an overuse (Jupiter) in a quick fix (Uranus) in order to deal with his Pisces sensitivity. This t-square would be the tension he eventually released.

He is in his 3rd marriage and has 4 children. His Moon in Aries is what saved him and gave him the strength of give up his addictions. Even Eric Clapton and Elton John have their Sun in Aries. Aries is a strong sign and helps those with addictions overcome their habit and build a better more healthier life.

His Moon in the 8th house allows him to emotionally transform himself and rise above obstacles that most would not be able too.

His Virgo rising combined with his Pisces Sun is shy and he had a hard time in the beginning of his career being on live TV. I remember in his earlier days feeling embarrassed for him as it showed he hated live performances in front of a camera. Something he also has overcome over the years.

With Pluto, Saturn and Mars all in Leo, the sign that rules the performing arts, it added needed confidence that he wasn't' getting from his Sun/Rising signs. He has 5 planets in the fire element and 5 fixed quality so he does have a Leo signature since Leo is the fire sign that is fixed.

Pluto sextile to his natal Neptune as well as trine to his Moon allowed him to have opportunities to meet powerful people in the business like Carol King to further his early attempts to maintain songs that would capture so many hearts like “ You've Got a Friend” and “ Up on a Roof”.

Uranus in the 10th house of vocation showed diversity and originality in his artistic musical expressions. Folk rock and rhythm and blues dominated his style. “I'm a steam roller” is a sexy blues song that is so different then the tempered “Fire and Rain” personal struggle with drugs.

He is an environmental activist and support lawyers who protect the environment through his financial contributions.

Mercury in Aquarius exalted shows high intelligence in crafting his guitar playing. Creating a sound that no other artist has. His compassion shows in songs like “Shower the People”.

I had the honor of singing with his brother, Livingston Taylor, on stage in                                                        Massachusetts at the “Joyful Noise Coffee House”. We did the duet he and James recorded called “City Lights”. It was a special moment in my life and I did James
Taylor's part. His brother was impressed. He even joked that I had much more hair on my head than James. What a nice man and Livingston is a great guitarist and song writer like his brother.

With Jupiter in Sagittarius he would travel all around the world with his music as Jupiter is dignified in Sagittarius and Sagittarius rules long distance travel and foreign countries.

His awards are so many that I can't even list them all here. Jupiter in Sagittarius can bring good luck even when it is square to the natal Sun. Jupiter's sextile to his natal Mercury, Jupiter in its dignity and Mercury exalted, allowed him to be awarded for his efforts as a writer and communicator (Mercury) in a big way (Jupiter).

His singing voice is a powerful velvet tenor with Venus in Taurus. Venus is dignified in Taurus which rules the throat area. Venus square to his natal Pluto can show a rocky romantic life but thank god Pluto is trine to his Moon helping to ease the pain and maintain some-kind of balance.

ames Taylor is highly creative and intelligent, sensitive, strong enough to overcome addictions, a great song writer, world traveler, good business sense, good father/family man and knows how to communicate a message through his songs that most everyone can relate too.

James Taylor is in the “Celebrity Spotlight”.