Her name at birth is “Alicia Augello Cook” born January 25, 1981. Alicia Keys is her stage name, and it fits her perfect.

She started classical piano training at age 7 and was starting to compose songs by age 12.

Her Sun, South Node, Mars and Mercury are all in Aquarius in the 12 house which is ruled by Pisces. She has Pisces rising. Lots of water to swim around in even thou she is the strong independent Aquarian type.

Aquarius is independent and can be as stubborn as a Taurus. Aquarius South Node with the Sun on one side and Mars on the other side shows she has past life gifts working as a humanitarian.

Involved in the group high, she has chosen to be center stage in this lifetime with her North Node in Leo in the 6th house of employment and health. She wants to be independent but also wants to help others.

She knows how to organize and put things together. She is the co-founder of (KCA) a grass-roots organization to combat physical, social and economic impact of HIV on children, families in Africa and India.

She is also the founder of “We are Here”, a movement empowering global community.

With her Moon, Saturn, Jupiter stelliium in Libra in the 7th house she knows how to bring balance into chaos. This is a wonderful soul leader who has a nice balance between masculine and feminine energy. The kind of friend you would love to have on your side.

Pluto is also in Libra and if she was born 4 minutes earlier, Pluto would also be in the 7th house but if the time is precise, Pluto is in the 8th house. Giving her power to transform relationships into something new by learning to let go of the old.

Because she wanted to learn how to lead and not lose herself in the group dynamic, she is an only child. Her parents separated when she was 2 years old. Her Mother brought her up who is a mix of Italian, Irish and Scottish descent.

Her father is African American. Her mix is perfect for the times we live in to honor all ethnic backgrounds.

There is not a lot of stress in her chart. No T-squares. Her stelliium of planets in the 7th house in Libra, Jupiter, Saturn and Moon, are all inconjunct her rising. This shows adjustments in relationships. She may always feel that she doesn’t fit into the normal view of society with this combination.

With Saturn so close to the Moon, her mother became her father also. She learned how to be a strong woman through her karma with her mother. Her mother is a paralegal and part-time actress. Her father, Craig Cook, is a flight attendant according to the Bio I read. She has 2 half-brothers.

With 7 planets in the air element and 5 planets in cardinal quality, she has a Libra signature.

Libra is the sign that most people have who are attractive and attract people into their lives easily due to good charm and looks. This applies to both men and woman with Libra emphasis.

With her Sun trine to Saturn, Jupiter and Moon stelliium, she feels very comfortable with her male energy as a pretty woman. She shows confidence on stage and since the Sun is affiliated with the sign of Leo and she has North Node in Leo, the performing arts would be very healthy for her to express her highly creative talents.

She is very sensitive with Pisces energies and her Moon being so close to Saturn. She will have bouts of depression sometimes and she has openly said that her practice of meditation has helped her be a better mother.

She cares about children with strong Sun position and North Node in Leo. She has 2 sons and is married since 2010 to Swizz Beatz.

Her Sun/Jupiter trine gives her good luck and physical vitality which helps to overcome her Saturn/Moon conjunction. She can become tired especially over the last 2 years when her progressed Moon has been moving through the sign of Pisces.

When her progressed Moon moves into Aries around middle of November 2021 into Aries, the fire in her will come back and she will feel less tired or depressed.

Jupiter will conjunct her rising on February 3, 2022, and over a year’s time will conjunct all her progressed planets in Pisces, Venus Sun, Mars, in the first house and this will give her lots of luck in 2022.

If that’s not enough, she will have her progressed MC, vocational house cusp, move from the sign of Capricorn into the sign of Aquarius on August 15, 2022, for a 30-year period. This sets off her strong need to help others and work with humanitarian organizations.

Holistic healthcare and spiritual topics will be a part of her vocal support in 2022 to inform people that being healthy and happy is the way to solve many of life’s problems and create a safe environment for children and families. She is a born leader.

Her sensitivity and creativity are very high.

Her attractive Libra signature has gotten her to appear on the front of magazines like Vibe, Vanity Fair, Seventeen and Teen magazine. People magazine had her as one of the most beautiful people of 2002 issue.

She has a net worth of 130 million and has sold over 40 million records worldwide and over 20 million in U.S. She is the first singer to receive 5 Grammy’s at once for her debut album “Songs in the key of A Minor”.

Her new progressed energy coming up from November 2021 to the end of 2022 will set her on fire again. Songs like “Fallin”, “Girl on Fire” and “New York”. The song Superwoman shows her strong Aquarius and Leo energy but her song “
Try sleeping with a Broken heart” is indicative to her Saturn/Moon conjunction combined with Pisces rising.

Alicia Keys is strong, sensitive, spiritual, highly creative, independent, vulnerable, strong singing voice, great piano player, humanitarian, good mother and wife and a great performing artist.

Her first stage name was supposed to be “Alicia Wild”. I think “Alicia Keys” is much better and it sounds very good in the key of A minor.

Alicia Keys is in the “Celebrity Spotlight”.