Freddie Mercury was born “Farrokh Bulsara” on the spice island of Tanzania. His parents are Persian. He was sent to private school in India from 1955-1963.

There are a few times of birth for him, but I think 5:10AM fits with Leo rising although I heard that Freddie claimed Virgo rising. His birthdate is September 5, 1946 and passed from aids related health issues on November 24, 1991.

His Sun is in Gemini conjunct Mercury, Moon in Sagittarius with Leo rising.

The rising sign being a personification of yourself to others, what others see in you when they first meet you, it rules your physical body. He fits the Leo rising as Leo rules the performing arts and loves to be the center of attentions.

He already has enough Virgo energies with his Sun in Virgo in the first house (Virgo/Aries) and with Mercury conjunct his Sun in Virgo dignified, he has something to say. This is a great combination for a song writer and someone who wants diversification in his work as an artist. Freddie loved to work with the group Queen to create multiple expressions of music. He also sang Opera. He had a 4-octave singing range.

He has 5 planets in Libra which loves to create beauty and loves a lively social life. Pluto in Leo conjunct Saturn in Leo in the 12th house, he was the quiet power behind the throne. The leader and commander. Eventually, this combination of Saturn and Pluto would take his life as Pluto and Saturn deal with death and endings and the 12 house is a resting place often affiliated with hospitals, ashrams, prisons or any space where one finds rest or feels confined.

How does one with the Moon in Sagittarius deal with confinement? They don’t. With his Moon in Sagittarius as well as his South Node, he traveled a lot in past lives. Education/Knowledge was gathered also in past lives and with his North Node in Gemini he becomes the communicator who can muti-task and write songs that were unique as Uranus conjuncts his North Node also in Gemini.

He is wired with this combination combined with his two Yod’s (The Finger of God) giving him large ups and downs in life. When you see him in interviews, he has an unsettled personality often affiliated with Gemini and mutable signs. They don’t have much patience, but Jupiter and Venus in Libra can be very generous.

He is hard on himself with Sun and Mercury in Virgo in the first house (Relationship with Himself), a perfectionist but very organized, and with the help of the rest of the band, create harmonies and melodies that were well thought out.

Libra plays a huge part in his chart with Neptune, Mars, Chiron, Jupiter and Venus all in the sign of beauty and elegance. Both Jupiter and Venus are a part of the Yod’s. Jupiter is the playboy in him. Both Jupiter and Venus are sextile to his Moon showing he loved to have a good time. His overindulgence in sexuality would eventually take his life.

With so much romantic energy in Libra and so many signs being mutable, bi-sexuality would be his calling. However, he did not always feel comfortable with his body and felt trapped in it. A masculine personification in his second half of his vocation but a female personification in the first half.

This is a highly creative mind with a wonderful romantic sense with songs like “Love of my Life” and “My best friend”. The arrangements in Queen’s first 2 albums were out of this world. Truly genius. The song “Bohemian Rhapsody” coming from a turning point in the bands career that got them out of debt and into the riches they deserved to have.

“Find me Somebody to Love”, showed how lonely he felt at times with his own personal life. Don’t we all feel this way sometimes.

I personally felt honored in my senior year of high school being chosen to sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” with a full band and back up singers. I also sang “Find me Somebody to Love” for 7th and 8th graders in Branford, CT. My freshman year of college I sang for a rock band “Tie your Mother Down”. Three wonderful moments in my life. Thank you, Queen, for the opportunity to try to be Freddie Mercury. I gave it my best shot.

His adventurous side (Sun in the 1st house) combined with Mars in Libra conjunct Neptune in Libra, as well as the stellium formed with Mars, Chiron, Jupiter and Venus all in Libra, would take him full force into trying to discover as many partners as he wanted to make love with. You could say, this is a soul that had too much of a good thing in his personal life and in his creative life. Drugs and alcohol would also be a part of his undoing with this combination.

On November 24th, 1991, he would pass away from complications with aids. Transiting Mars conjunct his IC, the IC is the cusp of the 4th house where your DNA heritage is, he could not stop the body from manifesting a virus that would attack his body.

Freddie Mercury was intelligent, impatient, highly creative, highly romantic, needed to be the center of attentions, a giving person, generous, but at times selfish and thinking of only his own personal issues. He loved to travel internationally. He was a legend in our own time. He faced death with great courage.

Freddie Mercury is in the “Celebrity Spotlight”.