The holistic healthcare communities and businesses have been waiting for someone to come forward over the last 50 years to make the knowledge of vitamin and mineral supplements more known including ancient healthcare herbal formulas.

Andrew Lessman of ProCaps is that kind of soul and intelligence we need in America to allow us to become more educated about supplementation that is high quality and based on scientific research.

His birthday is February 11, 1957. He is 64 years old chronologically. Biologically he looks 15 years younger than his chronological age.

His Sun, Chiron and Venus all in Aquarius shows the scientific or inventor part of his nature and Aquarius is known to break the traditional rules.

I think he is born around Noon time with Gemini rising. Gemini loves to teach, and he has said he enjoys teaching and informing others about nutritional supplementation more than selling products. He wants to inform and educate about preventive healthcare.

Mercury is in Capricorn, so he knows how to be traditional and follow the rules. With Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, in opposition to Mercury in Capricorn and both square to Neptune, he has jumped through many hoola hoops of knowledge to get to where he is today.

He was always interested in the welfare of animals/pets and wanted to find the ideal diet for them. In his teen years he would experiment with different healthy diets for his pets. Small pets are presented in the 6th house, and he has his North Node, Neptune and part of fortune in the 6th house if he was born around Noon time.

He entered the Science Fair in junior high and received second place for his project on mice where he used various brands of vitamins to show health results.

He attended college at University of Pennsylvania studying biochemistry. After he graduated with honors, he went to Hawaii to study medicine at The University of Hawaii.

He studied medicine for only one year and became disappointed with his professors who only wanted to treat people with illnesses rather than work towards a more preventative approach to creating a healthy person.

You can see this with Chiron, the wounded healer in Aquarius close to Venus in Aquarius. He wanted to heal the wounds (Chiron) of others through knowledge (Gemini Rising) which brought him most joy (Venus). It would not be traditional (Aquarius).

His North Node, Neptune conjunct part of fortune all in Scorpio, would give him research abilities. Seeing things beyond the gross physical body. Many doctors who perform surgery have Scorpio energy.

His deep insights or intuitive abilities would lead him to study law at Loyola School of Law where he received his Juris Doctorate. Jupiter is in Libra forming a sextile to his natal Uranus giving him lots of information about the laws surrounding nutrition.

Jupiter is trine Mercury, so he feels very comfortable thinking big. This is not a small thinking man. This also allows him to gain knowledge easily and store information he receives with his Moon in Cancer.

His Moon in Cancer makes him sensitive for a man and this shows in his personality. He cares for the health of humans and animals. The Moon sextile to Mars in Taurus gives him the ability to attract money into this life and have a personal public personification which is what everyone is seeing on HSN. He has a net worth of 20 million.

He is selling more products on HSN than any other product presented from other sellers. His Moon in Cancer makes him appealing to families for good health advice they are not getting from their personal doctors. His products are small capsules and in powdered form not hard tablets.

In 1979 he formed ProCaps Laboratories where all his products are manufactured. He does not outsource his manufacturing and his company is off the electric grid all run on solar energy. Not a kilowatt of energy comes from the grid. Impressive.

This is another Aquarius trait since Uranus is affiliated with electricity. I think President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris should visit his company in Nevada to promote solar energy and good health habits.

He also gives away pre-natal vitamins to pregnant woman in poor countries that need supplementation for a healthy baby. This is his humanitarian side which has brought smiles to millions of women around the world who desperately need to make sure they are getting enough nutrition for their baby/babies inside them, so they come out smiling with joy.

Pluto in Leo always creates a powerful personality and I’ve seen so many celebrities born in the 40's and 50's with Pluto in Leo, which some astrologers feel is exalted, making it very hard for anyone with this position of Pluto to hide out in the corner. They become the leaders who have great influence too others.

He is scheduled for the weekend of July 11th so tune into HSN for free shipping and discounted rates on his supplementations. He has the highest quality Co-Q10 on the market which is responsible for every cell’s energy to function.

His partner is French, Muriel Angot, and a chief who is an author of cookbooks. I’ve read that they do not intend to get married as they do not believe in traditional marriage, and this would fit with Venus in Aquarius opposing Uranus in his chart. Both seem happy together and they both make a lovely attractive couple. God bless them.

Andrew has said on HSN that he could do the show all in French as he is by-lingual.

Andrew Lessman is a huge blessing to everyone who gets a chance to listen to his knowledge and expertise and it’s such a joy to hear about healthy ways of making our lives better rather than all the depressive news out there.

Andrew Lessman is intelligent, holistic healthcare supporter, handsome, a great teacher, compassionate towards animals, knows the laws of medicine and supports scientific research, very intuitive, enjoys biking and hiking and knows how to create high quality vitamin and mineral supplements without compromising quality.

Andrew Lessman is in “The Celebrity Spotlight”.