Christopher Cross was born May 3, 1951 at 1:01AM, Houston, Texas.

He has won 5 Grammys for his self-named album that came out in 1979. Also, he won an Oscar for his movie score song for “Arthur”, “The Best that you can do”.

Songs like “Sailing”, “Ride like the Wind” and “Lonely after all”, are his trademarks.

Chris has announced that he tested positive for covid-19 and has become ill from it. I wanted to make him “Celebrity of the Month” to show how real this virus is and to send our prayers and love to him, so he remains healthy.

His progressed chart does have his Sun in Cancer, the natural ruling sign of his 6th house of health, at 18 degrees. The progressed Sun is square to his natal Neptune in the 8th house of birth and death. This can create a mysterious illness such as covid.

His progressed Moon in Libra is in his 8th house showing troubles with health. He does have Moon in Aries in his birth chart. He is a fighter and has the strength to overcome. It is his Sun/Mars conjunction in Taurus that can cause issues with weight and the heart.

His birth chart has Sun in Taurus conjunct Mars in Taurus. This makes him very practical when it comes to business. Mars is in its detriment here, but it helps the sluggish energies of Taurus come alive.

Taurus is not known to be very active and can gain weight easily as they have a heightened sense of touch and taste. Many musicians have a Taurus element because Taurus is ruled by Venus. Venus creates beauty in life and one of the ways Venus creates beauty is through music, theatre, and the fine arts.

Many are creative with their hands. They also attract money if the aspects are not afflicted to the Sun or other planets in Taurus.

His Aquarius rising shows someone who works well with friends and groups. He is tall standing 6’ 2”. Normally we see tall people that have Sagittarius rising.

His Moon in Aries is tempered by his Taurus energy as Moon in Aries can be restless and want to be on the move all the time. Very different than his Taurus energy.

The Moon makes a wide conjunction with Jupiter, both in Aries, and even thou the Moon and Jupiter are not making supportive aspects to other planets in the chart, Jupiter does sextile his rising sign of Aquarius.

With both the Moon and Jupiter in the second house of money he can make money. He has a net worth of 10 million dollars. Not bad.

He has an Aries signature with 4 planets in fire and 5 planets in cardinal quality, this makes him get up and get the job done. Otherwise, he would be too lazy if Taurus were more pronounced.

The relationship with his parents, especially the mother, shows its difficulties with Moon square Uranus and Pluto square to Sun, Mars, and MC or 10 house vocational cusp.

He got a lucky break somewhere as his chart does not show lots of luck. He deserves his fame as his voice, ruled by Taurus, is silky high, and he has great lyrics and arrangements. He does not have any Planets in their Fall, which weakens the planet, so this is where the strength of the chart is.

The Pluto square to his MC, Sun, and Mars conjunction, which oppose his MC from the 3rd house, shows he took the obstacles before him and made it happen through hard effort. He overcame his T-Square.

His personal life is another story. He says he is a true romantic but like 40% of Americans, he has kuja dosha which creates disharmony in marriage. He has been divorced twice. Like me, he may be taking a break from relationships. I do not know his current status.

Pluto in Leo in his 7th house of marriage and one to one partnerships does demand some attention. Pluto is caught up in a T-Square, so he would see relationships as a hard job compared to creating wonderful music and singing with his angelic voice.

His talent gets him out of all the complex troubles in his personal life and so many of us have been deeply touched by his music.

Christopher Cross is active and steady, has an angelic singing voice, knows how to get up and get the job done, enjoys food and possibly cooks too, has the ability to attract money and loves to work with his hands.

Christopher Cross is in the “Celebrity Spotlight” and we wish perfect health to him and his family.