He was born “Bruce Frederick Joseph, Springsteen” September 23, 1949. He
will be 68 years old in 2017.

His father was a bus driver and his mother a legal secretary. His father was
of Irish/Dutch ancestry and his mother Italian ancestry. He has two sisters.

It was in 1965 that he played in his first band “ The Castiles” and eventually
became the lead vocalist. In 1972 Capital Records was his first opportunity as a professional to create the first album “ Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ”.

It was in 1975 “Born to Run” album that put him in the star spotlight after 10 years of hard work. I believe he and the E-Street band were in the studio for 14 months putting this album together. I think its there most creative album in regards to musical arrangements. The song “ Jungle Land” has a saxophone solo that brings heaven down to Earth.

His second marriage to Patti Scialfa, June 8, 1991, has produced 3 children and continues to be a happy Springsteen family.

He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame in 1999. He wanted to be a professional baseball player before he took to his musical talents.

His movie score songs are very impressive. “The streets of Philadelphia” and “Jerrie Maguire” produced the two songs that are recognizable by anyone around the world.

His estimated net worth is 460 million. Not bad for a someone who has supported the middle class and the union ethic side of the American Culture.


When I first saw the boss live it was in 1975/76 during the “Born to Run” tour. It was obvious to me that he loved performing. His stage performance was nothing short of an inexhaustible reservoir of energy and passion. The sign of Leo came to mind since Leo rules the performing arts.

His Sun sign is Libra, Moon in Libra and Gemini rising. So, where is the Leo energy?

Leo normally rules the 5th house. He has Neptune, South Node, Mercury, Moon, all in the 5th house in Libra normally ruled by Leo. Add in Venus in Scorpio in the 5th house and we have tons of 5th house energy. If you want to make it big you need planets in the 5th house.

His Sun is in Libra at zero degrees putting him on the cusp of Virgo/Libra.

His Sun in Libra at zero degrees is only around 20 minutes away from being in the 5th house. So, the first 30 years of his life he would have the Sun moving through the 5th house by progression.

With Gemini rising, he is a communicator. But, he has Mercury in retrograde motion when he was born and stationed direct when he was 19 years old by progression. He was most likely on the quiet side till the age of 19 and then everything started to come out and he hasn't stooped singing or talking since then.

Libra is the peace maker of the Zodiac. They love balance and are not as ego
centered as the sign of Leo. He has both going for him. Combine all of the
planets in the 5th house, which includes both the Sun and Moon, with his Pluto Mars conjunction in Leo in the 3rd house normally ruled by Gemini, we find the performer with lots of talent in delivering a message through the messenger planet Mercury.

Mars conjunct Pluto in Leo in his third house demands a leadership position. A passion to tell the world how he feels. With both Mars and Pluto square to his natal Venus in Scorpio from the 3rd house to the 5th, romance for him could be plentiful and stormy at times.

With Sun and Moon in Libra he is a double Libra. This sign is always prominent in famous artists charts. Libra is a sign of beauty in music, painting, poetry and the fashion industry.

He worked very hard and still does to make it all come together. His Jupiter in Capricorn in the 8th house square to his North Node, Moon and Mercury, shows that his life's path (North Node) did meet with stress and strain but his grand trine from his Moon trineing both his MC vocational house and his rising, was the wind at this back to offset the squares from Jupiter.

Bruce Springsteen is and continues to be a great inspiration to the music rock and roll scene and his performances are very generous as he gives 100% of himself.

Bruce Springsteen is in the “Celebrity Spotlight”.