Taylor Swift is born December 13, 1989 at 8:36AM in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. She turns 30 years old this birthday.

Her Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Cancer and her rising sign is Capricorn. For those who know their astrology well they may be asking, where is the sexy, passionate signatures in her chart. And, why is she so lucky?

There are no planets in their fall in her chart, no T-squares, no grand trines and no Yod's. But she has 4 planets in their dignity and one exalted.

Her sexy passionate side comes from both Mars and Pluto in Scorpio. Both planets rule Scorpio. So, she could be mistaken as a Scorpio.

Many of her themes in her songs are about getting back at men (Revenge) which is a part of the Scorpio personality as well as her ability to show crazy passion in songs like “Blank Space”. Pluto is in her 10th house of vocational recognition and Mars rules her MC/10th house cusp in the 11th.

Why is she lucky? She has a Jupiter/Moon conjunction in the 6th house of health and employment trine to her MC or cusp of her vocational 10th house. Jupiter is the co-ruler of her 2nd house of money earned daily. Jupiter is the planet
of good luck and thinks big. Both Jupiter and her Moon are in Cancer.

The Moon being only 3 degrees away from Jupiter in Cancer gives her good luck with real estate. Last I knew she owns several large homes not only in America but in other places in the world. Jupiter rules international countries or long distance traveling.

Her Mother would be a huge influence as the Moon represents woman and her Mother. Since the Moon in Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and the Moon is in its dignity,
the combination has won her admiration from millions of female fans worldwide.

A strong Moon/Jupiter combination also helps her to gain public recognition as both planets trine her MC as stated earlier. At age 20 she won a Grammy for Album of the year. The youngest to win that Grammy.

Her Sun in Sagittarius combined with Capricorn rising shows she is not easy to pin down and has issues with commitment. Sagittarius is known as the bachelor or
bachelorette of the Zodiac. They like lots of room.

This is also the case with emotional room with Jupiter so close to the Moon. Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius. In short, her personal life is a nightmare compared to her vocational luck and success.

She has Uranus, Mercury, Neptune, Saturn as well as her rising all in Capricorn. She has a Capricorn signature making her very hard working.

The Moon and Jupiter in Cancer are opposing all this Capricorn energy from the 1st house to the 6th with Jupiter at 7 degrees and her descendant (7th house cusp) at 8 degrees of Cancer.

She has an obvious lesson in this lifetime of needing to learn how to balance her her work with her commitments to others in her personal life. The up and downs of this lesson would reach some-kind of maturity at her first Saturn return which is in January of 2019. By the time 2019 ends she gains enough maturity to make better
choices for a partner.

Venus is in Aquarius which also detached and independent. She does have a romantic heart as her song “White Horse” says but her heart has been broken.

I think it’s the song that explains her need to get even. Don't we all want to get back at others after our first cut of the heart.

Sagittarius woman are intelligent, tom boys, sports oriented, religious, international travelers or interested in other cultures, highly educated, jokers of the Zodiac and
may speak more than one language. They can be know it all's if the Sun is afflicted.

Her Sun in Sagittarius is unaspected. The only aspect is a sextile to her North Node in Aquarius. An unaspected planet feels alone and has a hard time feeling like they
can have a relationship with anyone. Around the age of 16 her Progressed Sun in Capricorn conjunct her Capricorn rising, and her Progressed Venus turned retrograde.

This would have put own needs (rising) in clear view of what she wanted and helped the Sun aspect or connect more to her own needs. To define what she really wanted to do with her life. This is the time she would turn into a workaholic and put her romantic joys (Venus in Retrograde) off for awhile.

Venus will not turn direct in her chart till she is 57 years old. However, her P. Moon entered her 7th house of marriage 3 months ago and will remain there over the
next two years. As Saturn moves into a Saturn return around the age of 19 and the Progressed Moon activates all her planets in the 1st, it is most likely she will have marriage on her mind by 2020.

She does have Kujadosha with Mars in the 12th house of her Vedic creating disharmony in her domestic life. If she marries before the age of 29, it is most likely she will divorce unless her partner also has kujadosha. I think she will have two to three marriages in her life and if she does not get married by the middle of 2020, she may wait till her mid 30's. Sagittarius woman have a reputation of being bettet friends than lovers.

She could make it with just one marriage but her life is so huge and her need to work so large it will have to be a partner that is very open minded and patient. She looks like a rose but the thorns are male energy and a Sagittarius woman says don't box me in. 

Venus and Sun are both unaspected so she really doesn't know what she wants when it comes to her personal life. Everything else is in order but her personal life. 

Venus is in Aquarius which can be experimental with her personal life. Sun in the 12th holds secrets and having Mars and Pluto in Scorpio is very private when it comes to her personal feelings about sexuality. 

Mercury went retrograde by progression when she turned 17 and will turn direct when she is 38. She experiences double Mercury retrogrades with this and it helps with her writing abilities. With transiting Pluto conjunct P. Mercury in retrograde over the last year, she did take some time off for private reflections.

Looking at the Vedic Joytish chart, I really don’t see that much of a connection to her overwhelming success. The Jupiter 15-year Dasha period fits with her being successful  at an early age. This period is from 13 to 29 years old. It just ended and now she is in an 18-year long Saturn period. Showing she may marry between the age of 32 to 35.

Her Moon, Jupiter, Chiron and part of fortune all in Cancer in her Western chart shows the only thing that will slow her down is children. She would make a wonderful mother and her attentions will need to turn to family life IF she does have children. 

She has received so many awards its impossible to list them all here. Her recent award for a decade of life achievement in the music business is the cornerstone of her Jupiter Dasha.

I think the only thing that could slow her down is having children or she will continue to be successful in her music career. Not as much as her Jupiter Dasha as Saturn slows things down but enough to keep her in the spotlight.

Mercury reaches its maturity at age 32 in Vedic and this could be the time she ties the Knot and slows down.

She is sexy, intelligent, good sense of humor, at times a bitch, a fun person to be around, cares about children (Moon in Cancer) gives a lot to her fans, good luck with real estate and has a net worth of 360 million dollars. This is a hard working girl who has the good luck of Jupiter on her side.

She must have done some very good things (Good Karma) in past lives to have such support of nature.

Taylor Swift is in the “Celebrity Spotlight”.