Born Anna Mae Bullock, Tina Turner will turn 79 on November 26th. She was born in Nutbush, Tennessee in 1939. Her parents were share croppers raised in the segregated South. Abandoned by her parents early on she was raised by her grandparents.  

Her Sun, Mercury and Venus are in Sagittarius. Her Moon is in Gemini and her rising is Leo. I have seen celebrities with Leo rising have lots of hair and the hairstyle is unique.  

With 5 planets in the fire element and 7 planets in mutable quality, she has a Sagittarius signature. An optimist by nature. Jupiter, the natural ruler of Sagittarius, is in Pisces. Jupiter ruled Pisces before Neptune was discovered. 

Jupiter lends good fortune in her chart because of her Sagittarius signature but it is in the eighth house opposing her natal Neptune in the second house both square to Venus in the fifth house. Good luck mixed with a karmic debt when it comes to her love life.  

She wanted to be a nurse but after moving to Saint Louis too reunite with her mother, she was exposed to the many R+B nightclubs which would start her interest in music. She was only 16.  

With Leo rising and Pluto in Leo, she was born to be noticed on stage. It was the Ike Turner’s Kings group that would allow the opportunity to be found. As a fill in for a song the band was recording since their singer did not show up, Ike Turner had her sing the track which was later supposed to be filled in by the original singer of the band.  

Whan Ike heard her voice with the song he knew she had a talent and stepped in as the new lead singer and Ike changed her name to Tina Turner.  

With two T-squares involving Sun and Mercury conjunct in the fourth house square to Mars in the seventh house of marriage square to her Moon in the tenth house of vocation opposing her Sun and Mercury, we find the physical violence of Mars and the psychological violence from her partner involving career. Ike was a heavy karmic burden in the end showing two personalities (Moon in Gemini in her chart) involved in the two T-squares. 

She said in a recent interview that he was not attractive to him when she first saw him, but he had a presence about him and that he was so good to her in the beginning. 

Her third T-square involves Neptune opposing Jupiter both square to natal Venus. Neptune is deceptive and Jupiter can add too much gas to the fire. Drugs and alcohol are affiliated with Neptune and Venus in the fifth shows she could attract a partner that does drugs and eventually kills himself with drugs. Ike Turner died of an overdose in 2007.  

The seventh house can represent the first marriage. Mars spells divorce and Sagittarius wants freedom. Not a great chart for her first marriage. In 1978 her marriage ended with Ike Turner and she left him with 36 cents in her pocket and a mobile gas card in 1976.  

It was in 1983 that got her off to a better start after Ike Turner with the song “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green. This was a turning point for her with transiting Uranus opposing her natal Uranus. Her natal Uranus is in the tenth house of vocation. A new Tina Truner emerges. At age 44 she was going to get her first #1 single. 

In 1985 she comes out with “What’s Love Got to Do with It” a song with a movie score for “Thunderdome”. She was winning grammies for the first time in her career.  

She said in a recent interview that she did not feel she had a great voice comparing herself to someone like Dinna Ross but she did something that other female singers did not do at that time. Danced. 

Two signs stand out with dancers. Sagittarius as it rules the hips and Pisces which rules the feet. She has both going for her in her chart.  

Jupiter rules foreign lands and eventually she bought a home in Switzerland where she currently lives with her husband, she met in 1986, Erwin Bach who is 16 years younger than her. They fell in love when they met. Tina is very happy with her husband. They married 5 years ago in 2013.  

Tina’s Saturn in its fall in Aries in the ninth house square to her Pluto in the twelfth has given her health issues over the past few years. The South Node in Aries conjunct her natal Saturn, Saturn rules her sixth house of health, has hospitalized her for intestinal cancer, a stroke and a failed kidney. Her husband donated his kidney to her. This is a soul twin relationship not a soul mate (karmic) relationship that she had in her first marriage.  

If there was not enough, her son committed suicide in July of 2018. She says she feels deep inside that he is at peace now. The T-square from Venus in the fifth to Jupiter in the eighth shows losses through death.  

Her career spands 50 years and she knew in 2007 that she would not be touring anymore. She does not miss the stage and feels that she has fulfilled her musical vocation and loves having a home and gardening. She is Buddhist and is very content with her life after going through so many ups and downs.  

If there was any song that reminds me of her, its “Simply the Best”. She has sold over 200 million records and I think its 8 grammies. 

Tina Turner is brave, spiritual, very talented, knows how to deal with changes and paid her dues over and over again. A wonderful soul. 

Tina Turner is in the “Celebrity Spotlight”.