Jon Bon Jovi was born March 2, 1962. The Bon Jovi Band released their first album in February of 1984 with his first hit “Runaway”. He turns 59 this year.

He is a Pisces with Capricorn Moon and Libra rising. Again, we find a Sun/Venus conjunction, common in famous people, in Pisces in the 5th house normally ruled by Leo. This gives any artist good looks and charm.

He has an Aquarius signature with 4 planets in the air element and 6 planets in fixed quality. This is a stubborn man who is hard working.

Both his parents, but mostly his mother, had a huge influence on him growing up as his Moon in Capricorn (Moon represents Mother) and Saturn
in Aquarius (Sun and Saturn represent father), are conjunct in the 4th house of childhood upbringing.

His Capricorn energy also creates interest in Politics which he has been pubic about. Capricorn is known

for a hard working ethic in songs like "Working Man" with words like "Who gonna work, work, work, work for the working man". 

His 4th house Moon combined with his Sun/Venus in the 5th house shows he loves children. He has 4 children. Three son's and a daughter. 

Jupiter is in Aquarius in the 5th house and is conjunct Mars giving him lots of energy to accomplish what he wanted to be. A rock star.

Since there are 4 planets plus the South Node in the 4th house of real estate, he would be interested in investing in a large home for himself and family.

His vanity and huge ego come from the combination of Jupiter, Sun and Venus all in the 5th house normally ruled by Leo. 

But, he is a very giving person and has donated millions to charities like “Habitat for Humanity” and has his own restaurant “JBJ Soul Kitchen”, an idea inspired by his lifelong partner and wife Dorothea Hurley, that helps those who are poor and need a meal. 

Pisces is known to be most generous of all the Zodiac signs. They care for those who are struggling with life and the handicapped. The late Jerry Lewis worked endlessly to fight MD and George Harrison put together the first benefit rock concert for Bangladesh, both Pisces.

The Pisces/Libra combination is prominent in models and people who look attractive of either sex. Bon Jovi was voted “Sexiest Rock Star” by People
magazine in 2000.

The bands third album “Slippery when Wet” was a huge turning point in his career with the hit “Living on a Prayer”. The band has sold over 130 million albums worldwide. His net worth is 410 million.

His Sun in Pisces trine to his Neptune in Scorpio gives him lots of creative energy. Since Neptune is in the 1st house, the camera loves him. Photography is ruled by Pisces/Neptune and sexual magnetism is ruled by Scorpio.

With Mercury and Mars trine to his Ascendant, as well as his North Node in Leo in the 10-house sextile to his Ascendant, he can communicate a message

(Mercury) with passion (Mars) and command the stage (North Node in Leo in the house of vocation).

Pluto in Virgo can be a perfectionist opposing his Sun in Pisces. He is very critical of himself sometimes and the personification of having it all together with a strong ego can be the protection he needs so no one really knows that at times he feels he is just not good enough.

Working with others feels very comfortable with his Aquarius signature and his relationships with band members like Richie Sambora has helped him be the rock start that he is today.

His album “Lost Highway” was my serious introduction to him. I listened to it repeatedly as I visited my wife who was dying from breast cancer.

In March of 2009. It was the song “You want to make a Memory” that gave me the song to sing to Patti two days before she passed on March 17, 2009. I was hooked as a fan from then on.

He is handsome, highly creative, hardworking, giving person to others who are less fortunate, one of the top 10 best male rock vocalist of our time and a good father/husband.

Jon Bon Jovi is in the “Celebrity Spotlight”.