Jesus Christ was born March 1, 6 BC for 6:25AM LMT in Bethlehem Lat: 34N47 Long: 35E13 according to a very intelligent and spiritual astrologer Alphee Lavoie.

The Astrological Institute of Research (AIR) has provided astrology software since 1979.  Alphee Lavoie has been a full-time professional astrologer since 1965.  He was the first to offer astrology research software in 1980.  The AstroInvestigators started in 2002 and have provided many research studies and articles to the astrological community.

To see Alphee Lavoie’s interpretation of his findings on Jesus Christ and a colored chart wheel of Jesus Christ natal chart, go to his website and click “Articles”. Scroll down to “THE LIFE OF JESUS THROUGH ASTROLOGY”.

Alphee Lavoie has given me permission to do my own interpretation of his birth chart of Jesus Christ. Thank you Alphee Lavoie for the honor.

It was over 20 years ago that I had a reading from Isaac George who channels the ascended master angel “Ariel” and I was told that the real birthdate of Jesus was March 1st of that calendar time.

Recently, I came across Alphee Lavoie’s birth chart of Jesus and low and behold it was the chart that I felt, after looking at several, was the true chart. Alphee explains that their have been so many astrologers who have come up with what they feel is his real birthdate. Almost every Zodiac sign has been covered.

I always knew based on the reading I had and Edgar Cayce’s information that Jesus was a Pisces.

Jesus Christ was a threat to the physical structures or powers of life that wanted to overpower the people. What planet does that sound like? Neptune and not Saturn.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, which is the sign the world celebrates his birth, but Saturn is the last planet that wants to give up traditional ways of doing things.

Jesus Christ was a triple Pisces. Why? His Sun and Moon are in Pisces at 8 degrees conjunct his rising sign of Pisces at 5 degrees 29 minutes. With his Sun, Moon and rising all in Pisces conjunct, this makes him a triple Pisces.

We know that Jesus Christ is not just an astrological chart of finite personality. He was infinity in a physical body. Therefore, we must not forget when looking at his chart that the small man personality was a vehicle to channel a much more expansive quality of energy than the average human being is not capable of. Don’t get too attached to the small details is my point.

A new age is born when Jesus Christ was born. New Moon’s represent new beginnings. He was born to bring in a new 2,000-year cycle ruled by Pisces. Pisces symbol is two fish with one swimming upstream and the other swimming downstream. Jesus Christ obviously represented the fish that swims with divine grace or with the stream not against it.

Pisces highest qualities are compassion for those who are struggling in life with physical disabilities, poverty, guilt and shame, and anything that does not allow a human to live a life in balance.

Famous names like Jerry Lewis who gave his life for MDA and his kids, George Harrison who gave so much for the poor and spiritual organizations, Bon Jovi who has opened up a restaurant in N.J. to help those who can’t afford a meal, James Taylor who gives financial support to lawyers who protect the environment are just a few examples of what the sign of Pisces represents.

However, Pisces is most influenced by the astral plane of temptation and escapes through addictive tendencies such as alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, sex and anything that can allow them to forget about the harsh world we live in.

The highest degree of sensitivity is Pisces of all the Zodiac signs. It is hard to imagine Jesus Christ having to go through life with such a high level of sensitivity. There are no T-Squares, Grand Crosses, Yod’s and no planets in their fall or detriment. A very clean chart.

He has Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus all in Pisces. That would put Jupiter in its dignity and Venus exalted. Sun, Moon, Saturn and Venus in the 1st house shows a spiritual and religious magnetism to others. The first house shows his courage amidst the Pisces fog.

This is because he was a Pisces/Aries. The first house normally ruled by Aries the sign of the warrior and courage. Reading about the personality of Aries and Pisces and blending them together would show his ability to be highly sensitive, not a quality that is strong in Aries, and a strong leader, one who goes where  angels fear to tread, not a strong quality of Pisces.

It is Jupiter dignified in the 12th house making an exact conjunction to Uranus in Pisces in the 12th house both at 2 degrees conjunct his rising in Pisces at 5 degrees that shows he saw himself as a great religious and spiritual leader of compassion and love.

Then we have the Sun/Moon conjunction (New Moon) at 8 degrees along with Saturn at 11 degrees forming a stellium in the 1st house ALL conjunct the rising sign of Pisces. Wow.

The 1st house rules the physical body, so the sensitivity is very high and etheric in nature as Pisces is soft and sensitive due to the water element. He wanted to help others before thinking of himself.

Uranus conjunct Jupiter in the 12th obviously would show he would challenge the status quo in a big way and pay a large (Jupiter) price for it (12 house of karma).

A way that would transform spiritual and religious values (Neptune and Jupiter) as part of his mission.

Also, Pluto is just past the cusp of the 7th house in Virgo opposing both the Jupiter and Uranus conjunction. The first house is how you see yourself and the 7th is how others see you as well as the partnerships you acquire. Mars is also in Virgo in the 7th house opposing his natal Venus.

People saw him as a powerful healer. Virgo is the healer of the Zodiac. Virgo however is a perfectionist and the Mars/Pluto combination, although not conjunct, shows heavy anger and criticism of his power from others. God knows the high Jewish Rabis did not enjoy his presence or claiming to be an Avatar. The son of God.

His ability to heal as a spiritual surgeon (Pluto and Mars) rule Scorpio. Mars being the classical ruler and Pluto the modern ruler of Scorpio. The sign of Scorpio is affiliated with surgery as well as Aries and Jesus Christ was able to go to the inner spiritual levels of existence that are hidden from view (Pluto/Neptune) and raise the dead, heal the blind, turn water into wine, walk on water, multiple fish as well as descend into hell and ascend into heaven after being brutally tortured and killed. To heal the world.

His ability to be a victim for others sins out of compassion clearly shows with his 12th house planets, rising, and 1st house Pisces emphasis. His ability to face death is Pluto opposing his Pisces energy in Virgo from the 7th to the 1st house.

Eventually his resurrection to heaven is seen with Uranus, Jupiter, rising, Sun, Moon and Saturn all in Pisces trine to his Neptune in the 8th house. Neptune is in the sign of Scorpio in the 8th house normally ruled by Scorpio, the house of birth and death. Neptune and Jupiter rule his rising if you include both the classical and modern rulers.

The 1st house/rising rules his physical body that went through a transformation to descend and ascend covering all the levels  of Scorpio since Neptune is in the 8th house trine to Jupiter/Uranus conjunction and his rising.

Neptune represents the higher octave of Venus. Unconditional universal love is the highest expression of Neptune.

Mercury is exalted in Aquarius sextile to his 10th house cusp MC from the 12th house showing he had a higher message to communicate. This is the only aspect Mercury is making so it is unaspected to all the other planets. His messages would be heard through his mission to educate others (Mercury) in a very large way (Jupiter and Uranus) conjunction. Knowledge that was unique and not heard by the masses from the Jewish Rabis of his time.

I also notice that all the planets in the 1st and 12th houses are not in retrograde motion making his presence even more pronounced from his childhood through the last days of his life.

The stellium, Sun, Moon and Saturn conjunction in the 1st, squares his MC or vocational house showing the obstacles that would try to stop him from delivering the messages of his Father and the holy spirit.

His very spiritual nature had led him to be a part of a group called the Essene community at Qumram near the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea Scrolls account for some of this information that scholars gathered.

His romantic side would have been VERY high. The Nag Hamadi texts, discovered in 1945 by an Arab peasant in Upper Egypt, had 13 papyrus books in a jar called the gnostic gospels which were not included in the bible talked about his relationship with Mary Magdelene.

Valentinus would lead the way of the gnostic way of life. They believed that the real church was beyond all structures. A transcendental nature. All who had received gnosis, according to the book “The Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels”, had gone beyond the church’s teaching and had transcended the authority of its hierarchy. Sounds a lot like the Vedic Tradition in India established some 3,000 years ago but started some 8,000 years ago.  

Also, sounds like the dialogue between Lord Krishna and Arjuna, a great archer of that time, to rise above your body and mind and transcend the three gunas or the relative physical existence of life to attain true union (Yoga) with one’s self. This dialogue would have happened some 5,000 years ago.

There were fifty-two texts discovered at Nag Hammadi which could have been a part of the Library of Alexandria. It is said that the Romans may have burnt the library down when discovering its esoteric side of the gospel’s that were not included in our traditional bible. The Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Philip, the Gospel of Truth and the Gospel to the Egyptians, which identifies “the sacred book of the Great Invisible Spirit.

Examination of the papyrus used and the Coptic script, place them C. A.D. 350-400 years old. But some scholars argue they could be even sooner 120-150 A.D. old.

It is the sign of Pisces that clearly fits the idea of transcendence of the physical world. To allow the inner kingdom of heaven to be experienced.  

All of what I am saying can be argued over and over again but if they can’t even get his birthday correct it leads me to believe that there are other aspects of his mission that were left out to have full power over people. The shame and guilt that surrounds the issue of sexuality is embedded in many if not all religious life.

When we lose our own inner sacredness, then the sacredness of love, the higher octave of Venus being Neptune, is clouded with underground worlds of Plutonian shame. Jesus Christ chart clearly shows he was aligned with a more sacred art of romance for the ascension of consciousness.

Pluto on his descendant would draw to him a powerful relationship that would account for her being present in his life at times. A healing experience (Virgo). His mother Mary would also play a very powerful role in his life and her birthday is September 8th making her birth sign Virgo.

His Psychic centers were wide open with so much Pisces energy. He could see directly into others and know every aspect of their being if he wanted to look that deeply.

Forgiveness, love your neighbor as you love thyself, and love God with all your mind, heart and soul shows his Pisces nature being one pointed. 100% devotional to his Father and the Holy Spirit. Perfection in a flesh body.

There are many who believe he never died and continued his journey to India. I don’t see this in the chart. The stellium of planets that trine his Neptune in Scorpio from the 1st house (His body) to the (8th House) of birth and death combined with Pluto in the 7th opposing his rising shows death as a part of his mission.

His ability to walk on water and raise the dead is enough to convince me that he had the ability also to ascend by transforming his physical body into his light body of Christ and move back and forth in different dimensions and continuing his life as a human would have not completed his mission.

I pray I have done a good job helping my audience to understand this wonderful birth chart that Alphee Lavoie has created and encourage all to visit his website to view his wheel chart and his interpretation and story of Jesus Christ through astrological interpretations.

Thank you to Alphee Lavoie for giving us this gift.

May God bless each and every soul during this time as we approach Christmas of 2020 and New Year 2021.

Jesus Christ is certainly someone we can turn to help heal humanity from the fear of this virus at a time of remembering his mission. To help us understand and experience beyond our small minds the glory of infinity within the troubles of life.

A life of renewal. A life that Jesus Christ wanted for all of us. Through his Pisces compassion and sacrifice which allowed humans to have another chance to ascend to higher states of consciousness, we become human and divine at the same time.

Thank you, Jesus Christ. From one Pisces to another- thank you, thank you, thank you. We are so grateful for your love and the highest sacrifice that one could make for all of us.  

The son of God is in the “Celebrity Spotlight”