Lady Gaga was born March 28, 1986. Her real name is “Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta”. Birthtime is 9:53AM, Manhattan, NY.

At the early age of 4 she was already starting to play piano by ear. She is short, 5-foot 1 inch, but don’t let that fool you as her Sun in Aries, Moon in Scorpio and Gemini rising was ready to transform many of her listeners with her multi-talented soul.

Jupiter is in Pisces in her vocational 10th house with Pisces ruling her MC at 3 degrees. It’s no wonder she is so photogenic and her image changes with each show she puts on.

Mercury also in Pisces in the 10th house at 18 degrees conjunct Jupiter if you consider 10 degrees apart a conjunction, she fits the Pisces images.

Jupiter was the natural ruler of Pisces and its given her the good luck she needed with all the hard work she had accomplished over the years. Jupiter is trine to her Pluto/Moon/South Node conjunction in Scorpio giving her raw sexual appeal.

The trine from Jupiter to the Pluto/Moon/South Node conjunction in Scorpio is good luck and someone who is famous as the trine from the 10th house to the 5th house of entertainment is seen in many famous people’s charts. Her net worth is 275 million.

Strong planets with Jupiter and Pluto in their dignity and Sun and Mars exalted. This is a strong woman who is sensitive also. 4 planets in fire and 4 planets in water holds a balance between the masculine and the feminine type. She is bi-sexual.

With her Sun in Aries, she will go where angels fear to tread. Early in her career she would do what was necessary to make the connections she needed. The Moon is in its fall in Scorpio and conjunct Pluto both conjunct the South Node shows she went through a lot of transformations in past lives where she faced death in many situations.

Her admission that she was sexually abused is also a part of this signature. Scorpio deals with the underworld of sex and pornography in some of the darkest ways. She has been able to overcome a lot of her psychological fears and express her sexual issues out on the performance stage.

As with all of us, we mature with age. We go through a release period of our sub-conscious minds and eventually we have thrown enough garbage out we can relax and smell better. Every human being goes through some form and intensity of letting go of out worn out thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The one’s who refuse to let go and not change are mostly in jail or just miserable and unhappy all the time.

She works hard with Mars in Capricorn in the 7th house to appeal to her audience. With Neptune in Capricorn conjunct her Mars, she can hide behind her masks she wears so no one really knows who she is. A perfect combination for the theatrical performances she has put on.

Mars square to her Sun shows a rough relationship with her father and Neptune square her Sun shows deception with her father. Her relationship with her mother is very karmic and I have not read much on her life, but this could be a tough time with control issues surrounding her past experiences with her mother in past lives.  Power struggles are an issue between her and her mother.

She is currently not married, and I think was engaged recently but was broken off. Jupiter was traveling through her marriage house over the last year but left the 7th house on January 29th, 2019. Jupiter will station retrograde on April 10th, 2019 and re-enter her marriage house on June 27th, 2019 till September 24, 2019. She might give the relationship a second chance or move into a new one.

So, what is it that has given her problems in relationships? Kujadosha. Mars is placed in the 7th house in both Western and Vedic but in Vedic Mars in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12 houses causes domestic disharmony. Especially when its in the 7th.

I also have it in the 7th in my own personal Vedic chart and I have 10 more months to finish a 7-year Mars Dasha period. Then, my personal life will become more stable. Around 40% of Americans have kujadosha. This causes domestic and marital disharmony. Divorce is more of a possibility with kujadosha.

Lady Gaga will not have to worry about her Mars dasha period because it doesn’t start till, she’s 97 years old. And because she will be 33-years-old this birthday, she has worked her Mars in the 7th house a bit. If she was in her 20’s and thinking of marriage, I would recommend her to wait or divorce could be the outcome.

She will always rise above it all with her Moon/Pluto/South Node conjunction but should stay clear of any addictive tendencies like drugs and alcohol. She should take care of her health as well as her mother or either could experience major health issues that could lead to death. As long as they take care of themselves, they by pass the karma set in motion from past actions in past lives.

Her Gemini rising gives her the ability to communicate as a writer since Mercury rules Gemini. Mercury is in Pisces and this helps with the creative energies. Bringing down a higher vibration that helps uplift people. Her music makes people dance and cry. She is such a great performing artist.

Lady Gaga is highly creative from a very young age starting off in a Rahu stationary direct dasha. She is beautiful in her own way, sexual, intelligent, cares for other’s pains, she has courage, good luck, hard worker, wears many hats, photogenic and a good friend to others.

Lady Gaga is in the “Celebrity Spotlight”.