Elton John’s birth name was “Reginald Kenneth Dwight” before he changed it to his stage name. He now is called Sir Elton Hercules John.

Elton had a talent to hear and play music on the piano at a very early age. His grandmother would be his main support. His parents were not supportive, especially his father.

His birthday is March 25, 1947. He just turned 74 years old. His Sun is in Aries, Moon in Taurus and his rising sign is Sagittarius.

His relationship with his father was a nightmare to say the least.

More psychological and emotional abuse than physical. This is because of a Pluto/Saturn conjunction in the 8th house in the sign of Leo. Both planets are retrograde at birth.

His father was cold and mean. Almost a curse to Elton as Mercury is at the eye of a Yod “Finger of God” with Mercury being the eye of the Yod inconjunct both Pluto in Leo and Neptune in Libra.

Mercury is about communications that are withheld from him from his father who represents Pluto conjunct Saturn and Neptune, all retrograde. His father was deceptive (Neptune) and withheld any affection for direct communications as a way to have a cruel power over him (Pluto conjunct Saturn) retrograde. 

The Moon in Taurus represents his mother, and the Moon is in the 4th house which is affiliated with the Mother.  The Moon is square to Saturn in the 8th house. This shows a lack of sensitivity. A cold mother.

The only person who seemed to really care for him and his talents was his grandmother. His mother’s mother which is represented by the 7th house.

Uranus, which conjuncts Elton’s seventh house cusp, is in a Grand Trine as Uranus trines his vocational house MC and Venus trines both Uranus and his MC. Venus is affiliated with the creative energies which rules both Taurus and Libra.

He has a Taurus Moon and Libra rules his MC vocational 10th house cusp. His Grandmother represents Uranus, an unexpected role model who looked over him.  

Aries and Sagittarius gave him strength to move on from his addictive tendencies as the Moon in Taurus can create emotional attachments to food, drugs, alcohol, sex, money and gambling. He can have a hard time losing weight with Moon in Taurus.

Sagittarius rising can give him good luck and a great sense of humor. He was shy until he became well known and was known for his many jokes about being gay in his interviews.

Sagittarians are the jokesters of the Zodiac. I think his Sagittarius rising saved him from being brought up by two very serious parents. 

He is stubborn with a Leo signature and Taurus Moon. Both Leo and Taurus are fixed signs. Leo is the performer and loves being the center of attention. 

Aries gets a bad reputation for being immature, but this fire sign can allow one to have the strength too move on from addictive tendencies as we have seen from Eric Clapton who is also an Aries and James Taylor who has his Moon in Aries.

Pluto and Saturn in the 8th house of sex conjunct shows Elton’s struggles with his own sexuality till he finally accepted himself as being gay. Now he has been happily married to David Furnish since December of 2005. They have 2 children.

This is a wonderful relationship and well deserved after going through such a tuff childhood. I’m so happy for him and his family.

I’ve been an Elton John fan since his early days and finally saw Elton live in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace on April 4, 2004 “The Red Piano” performance.

Using his hands and having a great singing voice is affiliated with his Moon in Taurus and his need for freedom to travel is Sagittarius rising. In a few months or so his progressed Sun in Gemini will enter his 7th house of the public.

We will be hearing a lot more about him in the summer of 2021. He is a generous man and has given millions of dollars to charities. One of them he developed himself for the research on HIV virus.

He has sold over 300 million albums more than 50 songs in the top 40 charts. Bernie Taupin and he started one of the best singer/songwriter relationships in the music industry in 1967. He has produced over 30 albums. He has a net worth of over 500 million.

Bernie has his Sun zero degrees of Gemini. One of my favorite albums was “Caribou” which shows Bernie’s spiritual side in songs like “I’ve seen the saucers” and being able to relate to Elton’s pain as a child with the song “Ticking” and “Don’t Let the Sun go down on Me”. And the list of songs goes on and on…..

Both Mars and Mercury in Pisces shows Elton’s sensitivity even thou he had the wild side of Aries that could be reckless as he was trying to find himself in all the confusion.

Add in Venus in Aquarius combined with Neptune in Libra, and you have a man who hid behind many extravagant costumes in the early days. A chameleon personality (Pisces) that wanted to experiment (Venus in Aquarius) with fashion (Neptune in Libra).

Sir Elton Hercules John is incredibly talented, humanitarian, has overcome many obstacles, a good father and husband, knows how to manifest abundance and knows how to attract opportunities to grow and expand with his talents. ‘