Jackson Browne 

When I think of the top 10 musical artists that have helped shape my own musical journey, Jackson Browne is at the top of the list. 

He was born on October 9, 1948 and will turn 71 years old in 2019. His Sun is in its fall in Libra, Cancer rising with his Moon in its detriment, Capricorn. 

What planet and sign do I see the most often in celebrities: Pluto in Leo/Exalted. The power to be the center of attentions. To be noticed.  

Jackson Browne, Dan Fogelberg, Billy Joel and Lou Valentino (that’s me, heheh) share the same rising sign of Cancer. Here we find the very sensitive man that loves to nurture the world and needs a place of belonging.  

Jackson Browne has 3 planets in the water element plus a water rising sign. Add in 4 planets in cardinal quality and you have a Cancer signature. 

He released his debut album in 1972 “Saturate Before Using” with songs like “Doctor my Eyes”. He has sold over 18 million albums in U.S.A.  

When you first look at his chart you have to wonder how he ever became famous with the Sun and Venus in their fall. Sun in Libra/Venus in Virgo. Self-critical is Jackson Browne. A perfectionist.  

Jupiter has got to be strong and he has it dignified in Sagittarius. He would obviously travel a lot but loves being home in his off the grid energy free paradise.  

This is a deep man with Mercury, South Node and Mars in Scorpio all in the 5th house normally ruled by Leo. This house is the house normally active with performing artists. Past life gifts relating to research of the soul (Mercury exactly conjunct his South Node in Scorpio).  

He seeks balance with Sun and Neptune conjunct in Libra. To express beauty (Libra) with unconditional love (Neptune).  

Moon in the 7th house of marriage in its detriment, Capricorn, and the planet of love, Venus in its fall in Virgo, malefic Mars in Scorpio in its dignity and the Sun in Libra in its fall all points to a rocky personal life with plenty of opportunities with so much energy in the 5th house of love affairs and romance. He is private thou.  

His first wife committed suicide only after a year of marriage from 1975 to 1976 and another short marriage from 1981-1983. He dated Darry Hannah for a while.  

This is a highly sensitive soul with a grand trine in water signs which includes his rising sign of Cancer. Mercury conjunct South Node makes trines to his rising and MC while his MC makes exact trine to his rising. I would advise him to stay away from drugs, alcohol or cigarettes as the water signs are the most addictive and Scorpio loves to hang on to people and things.  

He shows the world his deeper feelings than what most artists would want to show. His album “The Pretender” was written after his first wife committed suicide and it is filled with deep sorrow but wonderful arrangements and song writing.  

Libra is a sign that supports balance and equality. Also, both male and females are good looking in the sign of Libra as this sign represents beauty. Neptune conjunct his Sun in Libra helps to bring out a deep compassion for humanity. 

He was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 2004. He has a net worth of 12 million. He supports environmental and human rights through organizations such as (MUSE), Musicians United for safe energy.  

His political efforts can be heard through his music. Songs like “Lives in the Balance” and “Lawyers in Love” show his strong feelings regarding misused power over people.  

He has two children Ethan and Ryan Browne.  

Jackson Browne is handsome, sensitive, highly creative, environmental and political activist, hardworking and has overcome many obstacles in his life.  

Jackson Browne is in the “Celebrity Spotlight”.