I thought it would be wonderful to honor a black celebrity since it is “Black History Month” in February in America every year. The first black actor and model that came to mind was Lupita Nyong’o.

There are so many successful black actors, musicians, sports players, political leaders ……... it was hard to just pick only one “Celebrity in the Spotlight” for honoring the black history of America this month.

Lupita Nyong'o was born March 1st, 1983 and will turn 37 this year. Her parents are from Kenya Africa. Her father was a college professor turned politician and in exile moved to Mexico where Lupita was born. She was
raised in Kenya but maintains both Mexican and Kenyan citizenship.

When I first saw her on the Steve Colbert show, I wanted to see her astrological chart as she was so intelligent, calm and so physically attractive. She was chosen as most beautiful person by People Magazine in 2014.

Pisces can create etheric beauty and many models have a Pisces energy. Why? Pisces rules all forms of media including photography. Pisces can capture the etheric beauty from the heaven's and bring down to here on Earth to remind humans of the more refined beauty in life. 

Her Moon in Libra with Sun in Pisces helps her modeling career. The combination of Pisces, Libra and a Venus/Mars conjunction brings a rare beauty. But, she
did not always think of herself as beautiful.

Struggling with the idea when she was young that black beauty was not the norm in the world. She said this after watching TV, most of the actors had pale skin color.  She prayed to God to have her skin change to a lighter color. She has overcome this with grace and confidence.

I do not have an exact birthtime. She has 5 planets in the fire element and 4 Cardinal quality. That's an Aries signature. She is a mover and has lots of energy with a Venus/Mars conjunction in Aries. There is no Earth in the
chart but her South Node in Capricorn.

Venus and Mars combined creates sex appeal and her exact conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus at 9 degrees trine to her Venus at 8 degrees gives her attentions and good luck.

With both Jupiter and Uranus in Sagittarius, she is a world traveler. It will be hard for her to settle down but with her North Node in Cancer trine to her Saturn/Pluto conjunction, she does want to settle down and have a family.

North Node in Cancer with South Node in Capricorn, and the South Node conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius, she has past life gifts of discipline, travel, creative expression and a hard worker ethic. But the North Node wants a more domestic approach to life. The balance between being a star and being in love can be very difficult.

There is a spiritual pull from past lives with Neptune conjunct the South Node. She has a lot of compassion for others who need help and will find herself wanting to educate others about those in less fortunate positions in life than herself.

Pisces is known to have compassion for those who are struggling in life. She said that she does meditate and interested in spirituality.

The Pluto/Saturn conjunction makes her very private about her personal life. Pluto is in Libra and Saturn is in Scorpio. She may not talk loud about her personal life but the chart shows lots of opportunities to date.

Mercury in Aquarius is found in many intelligent people. She attended college and finally graduated from Yale with a master’s degree. She received her bachelors from Hampshire College in theater.

It was her role in “12 years a slave” in 2013 that won her an Oscar for best supporting actress at the awards show in 2014. She has played other roles in other movies like “Black Panther” and “Star Wars”.

She is intelligent, beautiful, talented, compassionate, international traveler, and a good conversationalist.

Lupita Nyong'o is in the “Celebrity Spotlight”.