Lou: You expressed writings about the new economy for earth. This is an ideal time to talk about economics since most earthlings are concerned about it.

The Pleiadians: (Aim) The new economy will feel so much better than what you presently are involved with.

First, we are a cooperative model of economics. We don’t encourage competition in any way, shape or form. We encourage cooperation between ourselves. Cooperation is a frictionless flow of energy and keeps the law of ease and grace intact as we continue our evolution towards the great, I AM presence.

Flexibility is a large part of our economic system. There is no physical form of money as you have on your planet. Earthlings are hypnotized by outside influences that have set up a competitive environment that creates duality in everything that you do. All your social structures are based on duality. The economy is no different.

It starts with others who have more and feel justified owning others through their own sense of what commerce should or shouldn’t be. A male dominated energy of mind has taken over your free will.

Free commerce means there is no end to abundance throughout the entire universe. We work in small groups and exchange the unlimited supply of energy to co-create whatever we need through thoughts and feelings. We work with each other, not against each other to create and provide whatever we need without the need to own or manipulate each other.

Lou: Many people are wondering where the financial market is going and if it can survive as it has been. What do you see?

The Pleiadians: (Aim) It will not survive the way it has been because the Aquarian Age is about working in small groups and not the individual power to own others through regulations that only provide freedom to those who can afford it. That is not spiritual, and it certainly is not religious in the true sense.

Love your neighbor as you love thyself Lord Sananda, our chief commander Jesus Christ said when he was in a physical 3D body connected to the higher dimensions. The new way of doing business is to take care of each other and your family group through service to each other and the great I AM presence which is always present in the now.

It is like the cinema screen that observes the movie. The movie and its characters always change with each movie, but the cinema screen always remains the same. Still and present forever.

There will be no more than one hundred people in a family group. Once any group grows beyond 100, it is susceptible to ego manipulations. You have seen how both spiritual and religious organizations start off with pure intentions but end up with very LARGE egos. It’s no different with any organization of any type.

Each family group will have a doctor who will need to get his or her teeth cleaned by the family dentist. The dentist will need to get food from the family farmer. The family farmer will need to get his or her car or spaceship fixed by the family mechanic. The family mechanic may need the family plumber to fix issues affiliated with water flow and waste technologies.

The family farmer will be getting help from several local family groups. Individuals within a certain radius of the farmers land will contribute service to help farmers cultivate and harvest crops. This way the family farmer is respected, which is not the case in your present financial system, which has driven many family farmers out of business as you know it.

Most family groups will have their own supply of foods grown in their own gardens, but the farmer will still have a significant role in this new economic climate. With everyone helping each other, time will be more on your side. Grains and other crops are still needed.

This way you are not wasting time trying to keep up with bills and expenses. Creating a market where you compete with one another is a backwards approach to accumulating wealth in the truest sense and treating mother nature like a machine that needs to produce for your survival of income generated by destroying her.

Several families that started the international banking system started it by limiting your consciousness so you could depend on them rather than your neighbor. They took your religious freedom away from you and then claim how much they love God. They even have “In God we Trust” on dollar bills.

Jesus/Sananda came to share love and emphasis two main laws. Love your neighbor as you love thyself and love God with all your heart, mind, and soul.

The international banking families laid down their laws. Become educated in a certain field of knowledge and expertise and make money by providing a service to society.

If you’re late on your mortgage payment, we will take your house away from you. If you can’t afford healthcare tuff luck. If you can’t pay your telephone bill, we will disconnect you. If you can’t pay for electricity, we will cut off your electrical power. If you can’t pay for your automobile loan, we will repossess your car.

The free market of true Democracy will be introduced by us.

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Photo's by Endre Balogh


Sample of Chapter 4. The New Economics for Planet Earth

           By Lou Valentino and "Aim" from the Pleiadian Culture.