Pluto Return in U.S.A Birth (Natal) Chart by Lou Valentino

Everyone who has studied astrology knows that a planet returning to itself can create maturity by looking back at what has happened and learning from the past. We hope.

Each planet has a certain amount of time before it returns to itself from the time of birth. Many people know about the Saturn return every 30 years. A time of maturity that ends our teenage and 20’s and thinking about retirement around the age of 60, the second Saturn return.

Pluto takes on estimated 248 years to return to itself. U.S.A will be having its first Pluto return on February 20th, July 11th, and December 28th all in 2022 give or take a month before and after these dates when Pluto is applying and separating from the exact conjunction dates.

Pluto rules the underworld of hidden or secretive areas of life. Since it is so subtle in its energy it takes time to show its influence. It rules the sub-conscious mind and affiliated with all forms of psychological approaches to therapy.

Pluto was downgraded by scientific astronomers in August of 2006 as not being large enough to be a planet. The astrological community, however, still considers Pluto’s mysterious role of being the power behind the thrown even if it is a small body of matter.

Here is the definition of Pluto by astronomers:

In August 2006, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) downgraded the status of Pluto to that of “dwarf planet.” This means that from now on only the rocky worlds of the inner Solar System and the gas giants of the outer system will be designated as planets. The “inner Solar System” is the region of space that is smaller than the radius of Jupiter’s orbit around the sun. It contains the asteroid belt as well as the terrestrial planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. The “gas giants” of course are Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus. So now we have eight planets instead of the nine we used to have.

Be as it may, Pluto is still considered a huge influence in one’s birth chart.

Pluto rules anything underground or hidden from view. As the modern ruler of Scorpio, it rules the body parts of the genitals, bladder, rectum, reproductive organs as well as birth and death, inheritance, taxes, money borrowed, occult studies, surgery, and renovation of any form of matter.

Pluto is affiliated with the Hindu God Shiva which transforms matter to alchemize it to a high frequency rate.

U.S.A chart has Pluto at 27 degrees 33 minutes in retrograde motion in the second house of money earned daily and self-value. This shows American values center around financial power and hidden, retrograde, only to be revealed during a Pluto return.

America has been going through a tremendous amount of growth since Pluto conjuncted its progressed South Node over the last 2 years. The secret ghost of Covid strands has left thousands of Americans without a job and shut down over 90,000 restaurant businesses.

Celebrities like Billy Joel, Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi, and anyone that can fill a stadium up of 50,000 fans could not even get a booking since Covid started. Goes to show, you can be a famous person and Pluto can stop you at any moment.

Pluto represents death and we have seen so much death due to Covid as well as an increase of health issues represented by Pluto like depression, suicides, and gun violence. Law enforcement is like joining the army at this point.

Pluto is affiliated with nuclear energy, kidnapping, sex trafficking, pornography, all pipes running underground directing liquids and petroleum oil, UFO hidden bases like under the ocean waters, secret UFO files, drug trafficking, lower astral souls, secretive organizations that want to control others, all military attacks, the international banking families, rules reproductive organs so obortion laws, transformation of consciousness to a state of enlightenment.

With Pluto in America’s second house of money earned in the sign of Capricorn, we may see campaign finance reform as Pluto finishes its stay in the traditional sign of Capricorn until we reach January of 2024 when Pluto will move into the sign of Aquarius from 2024 till 2044.

Is Pluto getting ready to purify the environment of American consciousness to set up the new age of Aquarius? I think so.

Pluto’s influence to transform life is most active till 3 degrees of Aquarius which happens by the end of 2026/beginning of 2027. So, from 2022 till end of 2026, a new Age wants to be born but any mother delivering baby will tell you it’s no picnic.

Until humanity can birth a new way of life, the Aquarian Age, must go through the end of its current trimester and finally give birth as Mother nature pushes humanity to move forward much like a mother pushes her new baby froward and outward.

This influence is the Pluto return and the first 3 degrees of Pluto in Aquarius starting 2022 to end of 2026 is a time of disasters filled with miracles we have not seen since the time of Jesus Christ.

Some astrologers feel we have already entered the age of Aquarius. If that’s true humanity would be in a state of cooperation and unity not in a state of chaos where the American culture looks like it’s having a nervous breakdown that includes citizens using guns to kill others in stores, schools, churches and in the cities.

Politics would be civil. Religious leaders would be well behaved not covering up sexual abuse that has been hiding out in the dark dungeons of secrecy (Pluto).

We have seen environmental changes like never before over the last 25 years but 2022 to the middle of 2023 could be worse. Volcano’s that want to explode after years of being unactive in the ring of fire that could affect several countries.

Floods, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, or whatever means mother nature can use to cleanse the consciousness of America. Even very wealthy celebrities could stand a chance of losing lots of wealth in major cities across America, especially in Hollywood.

Islands out in the ocean waters have been hit by strong typhoons. I predicted years ago that those living out in the ocean waters may want to consider moving onto land. Preferably where there is not a frequent visit of fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes.

The international banking families, there are eight major families, which started the whole banking industry could find themselves being a focus of concern during this time.

In other words, hard to remain secretive as Pluto wants to reveal deep dark secrets that no one knows about, or they knew about the secrets but looked the other way.

President Biden is a Scorpio, and his health is not strong. We all know this and try not to hold his age against him as he does have years of experience as a political leader.

The total full Moon lunar eclipse on May 16, 2022, at 25 degrees of Scorpio will conjunct President Biden’s natal Sun in Scorpio at 27 degrees as well as his natal Mercury and Venus on either side of his Sun, all in the 12th house.

The 12th house is affiliated with intense karma and confined areas like hospitals. Eclipses energy can last up to six months. Could May 16th to November of 2022 be trouble for President Biden’s health? This is possible. He could enter a coma for several weeks.

This may change the game plan for Americans as Kamala Harris my need to step in as the first woman President. I am not saying this for sure, but Pluto return could create a change of leadership for those in powerful leadership roles in America in the medical fields as well.

Since Pluto is in the 2nd house of money earned daily, the Pluto return in combination with the eclipses in 2022 through the middle of 2023 in the financial signs of Scorpio and Taurus, spells trouble with Wall Street and the American economy.

Uranus is in its fall in Taurus and will reach its halfway point of 15 degrees within a 7-year cycle by the middle of May at the same time we have a total eclipse in Scorpio on top of Presidents Bidens’s Sun, Mercury, Venus stelliium in the 12th house of debt.

Pluto wants to reveal the financial pains that Americans have been going through since Covid that ARE NOT revealed by the present Wall Street numbers in 2021 and till May of 2022.

The Pluto return, Uranus in Taurus at its midway point, changes in leadership in the financial institution’s as well as political institutions and eclipses in the financial signs could be Americans wanting an innovative approach to money and how it is earned and distributed.

Pluto is also taking a last look at Covid and any new strands that will manifest to find an ending to all the fear by the spring of 2023.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is one of the leaders who could be investigated for secrets he kept all this time. He is a very traditional Capricorn and not open minded at all to alternatives.

He feels very comfortable with himself having a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in the 1st house both trine to his natal Sun in Capricorn and his MC or vocational house cusp conjunct his natal Sun.

For some reason, the washing of hands has stopped being recommended. Why? It’s all booter shots and better-quality masks. More expensive masks mind you. And what exactly are the vaccinations made of? We know what we ingest by reading the ingredients on any food label.

Pluto will make alternative healthcare an alternative/combination to traditional medicine that has not been discussed or considered till Pluto blows the doors open on secrets that have been kept in the dark.

High quality vitamin and mineral supplements, yoga in all its limbs including deep meditation or (Samyama), massage therapies, Ayurvedic medicines as well as other ancient cultural remedies, acupuncture, and acupressure points and so many other therapies that help to heal and balance mind, body, and spirit.

Dr. Anthony Fauci could at least say use air purifiers indoors and take extra Vitamin D3, but he is so conservative. This is the main reason America has taken so long to heal a situation that was partly caused by taking so many pharmaceuticals over the last 50 years and eating a poor diet which weakens the immune system which cannot defend itself.

The origins of Covid and the secrets that are being held about its origin could be revealed by U.S.A Pluto return. Dr. Fauci could get into legal troubles as the eclipses hover around his natal Mars and Moon in Scorpio as well as his Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Taurus.

All four eclipses in 2022 will affect Dr. Anthony Fauci and he may retire or be replaced all together starting sometime Between April 30th, 2022, to May of 2023.

The Pluto can create war and we see Russia wanting to push itself onto Ukraine causing Americans to consider a military reaction which could start anytime now as Pluto moves towards its first exact conjunction to itself on February 20, 2022.

I’m writing this article on January 24th, 2022.

The dark side of communism is going to be revealed more than ever and could force America to react strongly than ever before as Pluto wants to move into the Aquarian age with new energies that support life and not death.

Drug dealers, sex traffickers and homicides will be forced to reveal themselves in greatest numbers seen in past years with many arrests and many new prisons being built.

Because many companies are being closed due to economic changes, these large buildings can be turned into new prisons to house thousands of new criminals.

DNA analysis is about to take another step forward with any body part or fluid taken from a victim being projected onto a screen where all memories of the victim can be played back, and the murderer is seen not only while the crime happened but what the victim experienced minutes before it happened.

This will drive defense lawyer’s crazy as the percentage of cases will not have long trials if any. The evidence will be so obvious it will not need a trial.

Pluto is the quiet ghost behind everything, but it knows how to transform lower energies of the Scorpio to rise above the senses symbolized by the Eagle flying above the world and eventually becomes the enlightened Phoenix.

It will look ugly sometimes as Pluto pushes things to the surface including hidden civilizations buried underneath the ocean waters as the Earth adjusts its plates bringing up more questions about the history of planet Earth.

Any nuclear war will be met with protections from UFO races, but it can be troublesome when war is nearby and dangerous enough on the ground or on the ocean waters.

The creative intelligence of the universe has created free will and will not intervene unless the situations are stopping the next evolutionary step forward for humanity as a whole.

America has the opportunity for major growth in all areas of life with this Pluto return. America like every other country needs to grow and become more AWARE of what is going on from the inside out rather than the outside in.

Pluto may be demoted from being a planet, but you cannot take the essential energy that Pluto is and push aside its power that the intelligence of the universe gave it.

This will be obvious as Pluto returns to itself in 2022 and halfway through 2023 and then makes its stay in the sign of Aquarius in January of 2024 continuing through the first 3 degrees of Aquarius that life has become a new reality by the beginning of 2027.

 A five-year period that wakes up any sleeping giant to deeper realities of existence.

A reality that has been quietly waiting for us in the deep inner chambers of our heart. Always there like the cinema screen observing the movie of life but always remains the same.

The eternal bliss of our inner being that sometimes needs troubles in the outer world to drive us more deeply into the mysteries of life.

During this 5-year period we could see a substantial increase of UFO sightings, the UFO files being released in U.S.A, apparitions of Mother Mary sightings worldwide and other indications or triggers that are in motion to help humanity evolve to a higher frequency of intelligence.

The Neptune/Jupiter conjunction from end of March to middle of April shows connections to the more lovely, heavenly celestial realms of existence to those who are aware from their spiritual practices.

Be safe and may God bless the U.S.A our beautiful home that could be the center of a whole new world soon.