1.The Volunteer’s/Dimensions, P.11

 2.The 4 Phase Plan for Humanity, P.18

 3.Preparation Phase (2024 to 2044)/ A New Approach to Education, P.20

 4.The New Economics/Rotating Real Estate/Tantra Yoga, P.26

 5.Soul Mates/Soul Twins (Relationships)/ Romance of the 
Universe/The Soma Plant, P.43

 6 New Healthcare System/Hope for the poor and forgotten souls, P.58

 7.East is East, and West is West…. Sacred Sounds “Mantras” and the Holy Tradition/Vedic Influence, P.71

 8.Messages to UFO Communities and New Technologies, P.83

 9.Inner Grace Meditation and closing thoughts from Lou, P.97



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 New Economics for Planet Earth

Lou Valentino has been a professional astrologer for over 30 years specializing in both Western and Vedic (Joytish) chart readings. He has been meditating everyday for 45 years which allows him to access more information from within combined with his Sun/Mercury cazimi conjunction in Pisces in the 9th house.

He studied some of the astrological works of the late Robert P Blaschke, Sue Tompkins, Marion D. March & Joan Mcevers,Carol Rushman, Judith hill, Frances Sakoian & Louis S. Acher, James Braha and several more.

Lou's spiritual journey started by doing TM and becoming a graduate of the Science of Creative Intelligence taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

He also took courses with Pundit Ravi Shankar and was certified in Hatha Yoga in November of 2002 through Temple of Kriya Yoga directed by the late Goswami Kriyananda.

Lou has worked for 2 famous authors. Dr. Deepak Chopra and Robert R. Barefoot

Lou also has honorary membership in the Ashtar Cammand and other galactic and intergalactric races. He is from the original core group of 144,000 volunteers which started millions of years ago. 

Please read about his meditation techinique called "Inner Grace Meditation" by requesting a FREE 4 page kindle via e-mailing him. this techniques allows the mind to experience the inner limbs of yoga in a very easy way

Lou also chants ancient Vedic planetary mantras to appease karma for clients and enjoys listening to the ancient Vedic hymes.