Monthly Column

for May 2015 by Lou Valentino

The signs most influenced in May 2015 are Taurus,

Scorpio, Cancer, Gemini, Leo, Capricorn, Pisces and


The full Moon in Scorpio on May 3rd at 11:42PM EDT

shows those born under the signs of Scorpio and Taurus wanting to change things but having a hard time letting go of old worn out patterns. The affirmation for both of these
signs this month is “ I let go of the old and embrace all the wonderful new that the universe has for me”. The full Moon is at 13 degrees.

Both signs are fixed and that means suborn or set in their ways of doing things. The good news is Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and expansion, wants to lend a helping hand as it squares both the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio.

This is a t-square which creates tension but Jupiter allows this tense energy to grow till the new Moon on the 18th. So..... Scorpio will transform into something new and create a better situation. It won't come without some stress. Maybe its a job that they just don't feel comfortable with anymore because the boss or some employee is a pain in the you know what.

Taurus wants a more stable financial life and could be under some kind of pressure from other investors to expand rather than contract. Taurus of all the signs knows how to invest and save money. I do see more business people investing in the economy starting on the 18th through the month of June. The economies of the world (Jupiter) will expand and make those born under the sign of Taurus and Scorpio more financially stable. Both signs need to be patient till June 11th to see the results.

Sagittarius will find themselves rethinking their visions of what they want in life to make it more balanced as well as the signs of Pisces and Gemini. Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini feel a bit frustrated with their lives as desires they want to fulfill tend to manifest slowly. Like Taurus and Scorpio they need to be patient till June 11th.

Venus enters the sign of Cancer on the 7th and those born under the sign of Cancer may find themselves beautifying there homes, buying a new home or making money in real estate investments for the month of May and first week of June. They may also feel like mothering people more with hugs and cooking great food. Maybe a new car is on the way.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers on May 10th. A wonderful time to reflect on where we would all be if we didn't have our mother. And for those who's mothers are not present for one reason or another, may you find time to let mother nature fill the void through a walk in nature or just sitting by a large body of water enjoying the day. Our loved ones are always with us. Watching over us.

Mars moves into Gemini on May 11th and starts a chain reaction of energies for those born under this talkative sign. Mars gives Gemini physical vitality combined with there already mental vitality. A lot gets done but watch out for acting before you think about it. Take deep breaths during the day to ease the stress and get outside for a walk, hike, bicycle ride or do some yoga poses.

The new Moon on the 18th in the sign of Taurus at 12:13AM EDT has tensions to manifest dreams of financial gains but the t-square puts the breaks on as this new Moon opposes Saturn in Sagittarius in retrograde motion square to Neptune in Pisces. Mars is in Gemini also conjunct both the Sun and Moon making some situation around this time for Taurus, Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini tense. The new Moon is at 26 degrees.

The outcome should be great but the delay in the outcome could be tedious at times. When is the outcome? Around September 13th when the Moon in Virgo (Partial Solar Eclipse) fills in the t-square and grounds the manifested dreams and desires for the signs mentioned. It is more a financial situation than health or personal life stuff. A raise is coming for these signs but patience is required.

Gemini is getting the brunt of this as Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini on the 18 at 9:49 EDT at 13 degrees and turns direct at 4 degrees Gemini on June 11th.

The new Moon chart shows two Yod's (finger of God) which clearly shows adjustments being made if your a Gemini, Leo or Capricorn as these are the signs involved in one of the Yod's. We can add Scorpio to the other Yod.

Mercury retrograde is the time to REFLECT and CREATE a strategic plan that will benefit all of the signs mentioned when it turns direct on June 11th. It is not a great time to sign important contracts or make big choices. It's better to wait and see rather than act and speak.

Opportunities will be there for Gemini, Leo, Capricorn and Sagittarius because these are the signs that are sextile to one another in the Yod's with Capricorn and Gemini taking most of the stress to make adjustments in order to allow growth and opportunities in all areas of your life.

As the Sun moves into Gemini on the 21st, the spotlight is intensified for those with Sun, Moon or rising in Gemini. Gemini needs to really learn to relax more than all the other signs up until June 11th or they could have trouble sleeping.

Get a message, breath deeply and do a couple of yoga poses like down dog to relax yourself so you don't freak out.

Both the Sun and Moon in the new Moon cycle benefits Taurus the most as both luminaries trine the rising (Capricorn) in the new Moon chart. An increase in finances for Taurus and Capricorn starting on the new Moon and on the increase till September. A great time to save up some money.

The Pluto square Uranus aspect started in June of 2012 and even thou we will not get anymore exact squares these two planets are still close enough (within 8 degrees) till 2019. So, unstable weather patterns like the drought California is experiencing, earthquakes like the recent Nepal situation, temperature shifts, tornadoes, fires, racial tensions, volcano eruptions, terrorism and tsunami's will be active.

I call this the purification phase. By 2020, humanity will be ready for a new way of living that allows less violence and more joy to enter the collective consciousness of man. The mighty miracles can happen at any moment to awaken the sleeping giant of humanities souls. 2020 is to me a time when the Earth will be ready to receive whatever it will take to allow a partnership between Earth, humanity and the universe.

Have a happy Memorial Day weekend to usher in the summer of 2015. May all of the love and light you can generate within and distribute to others heal and balance any unstable energies that remain to be purified as Pluto and Uranus continue to separate the wheat from the chaff.

My deepest prayers are to the people of Nepal (Earthquake) victims, volcano eruption in Chile, racial stress in America and to all of those kidnapped or murdered by terrorist. May all be released from harm.

Reflection during this Mercury retrograde about how we communicate our thoughts and feelings. Humans need to support each other. The news media needs to focus more on the great things people do rather than put them down all the time.

Hillary Clinton is a double Scorpio with Moon in Pisces so she will be influenced in the month of May through the middle of June. Scorpio knows how to rise above the ashes (Phoenix) and the two Yod's along with Mercury retrograde will put her too the text. Let's pray that American politics can support those who have been in public service for so many years of their lives. That the less than positive chatter in the media can become constructive rather than destructive.

Love and Light, Lou.