Monthly Column

for April 2015 by Lou Valentino

April wants to find balance in all areas of life.

Relationships of all kinds including marriage will be in

the spot light for a six month period.

The signs most affected this month are Libra, Gemini, Taurus, Leo, Capricorn and Aries.

April 4th we have a full Moon lunar eclipse at 14 degrees of Libra. Look at your natal chart and see where Libra is and if you have any planets within 8 degrees on either side of the 14 degrees. You are affected most by this full Moon total lunar eclipse. The house that this eclipse falls in are the issues you are ready to make adjustments in.

If you have Libra Sun, rising or Moon in your natal or in your progressed chart, take a look or have a professional astrologer see where the balance is over the next 6 months.

This full Moon has an Aries signature and Aries is the opposite sign of Libra. Eclipses represent a fork in the road. Choices and adjustments in the area of relationships will be needed for those born under the signs of Libra and Aries. This lunar eclipse is the third of four total lunar eclipses in a row called a tetrad.

There will be 8 tetrads in the 21st century. There was none from 1582-1908. The last one was 2003-04 and the next is 2032-33. So, this energy is much more intense on the sub-conscious mind and emotions. We have seen emotionally out of balance actions by humans over the last 9 months that make you wonder where this world is going and can we find the balance between peace and war over the next 6 months.

Thank God Mars is in Taurus giving Aries (natural ruler is Mars) some calmness within the storm and this month is good for an increase in economic development. Aries wants new experiences and a healthy sense of independence and courage while Libra wants equal partnership without a lot of drama and anger. Because Pluto and Uranus will be in a square (not exact anymore) till 2019, Aries will feel more relaxed than they have been since June of 2012.

The full Moon conjuncts the North Node in Libra and we can't forget that Venus is also in Taurus (Venus rules Libra and Taurus) so the romantic ideal for Libra and Taurus will work its way in your lives over the next 6 months. If you are already involved in a relationship it will deepen or break apart. If you are looking for new love experiences then Libra, Aries and Taurus have most of the luck this month.

Jupiter has been in retrograde motion since last December 2014 in the sign of Leo and on April 8th, 2015 it will turn direct at 13 degrees allowing those born under the sign of Leo to participate in the growth of outer objective life as they held back some of their social events planning to come out and socialize more this spring and most of the summer as Jupiter will enter Virgo on August 11th, 2015 and the party for those born under the sign of Leo starts to slow down.

Jupiter in Leo can provide an increase of creative energies for those who have Sun, Moon or rising in Leo. Political leaders like Barack Obama may be more outspoken or better at making their point of views come across to the public. The performing arts gets a boost so we should have a wonderful May, June, July and early August concert shows throughout America.

Some of that luck in romance and social life gets turned over to Gemini on April 11th as Venus enters Gemini.

As Pluto turns retrograde on the 16th, Capricorn is moving deeper into the inner psyche to purge hidden aspects of life they ignored and cleaning inner house rooms. Also, governments (Capricorn) all over the world are trying to find ways to calm terrorism down with security measures.

Mercury will enter Taurus on the 14th and this sets up Venus, Mercury and Mars in Taurus joined by the Sun entering Taurus on the 20th. With all of the personal planets in Taurus by the 20th, financial gains as well as romance are very fertile for Taurus. Happy Birthday to all of those born under the sign of Taurus.

The new Moon in Aries at 28 degrees is on the 18th. This new Moon chart also has an Aries signature with 5 planets in fire and 4 in cardinal quality. It is in the last degrees so Aries is ready for the big changes that are needed to mature the personality and soul. Those born under this fire sign may find themselves to be impulsive in their lives and need to think before they act. The hot temper can erupt and cause more damage than its worth.

This new Moon is not aspecting other planets. Mercury is a very wide conjunction and with the sensitive degree at 28 this new Moon is a bit out of control. Aries is the fighter and we could see unstable developments continue around the world in different countries regarding terrorism. Pluto is now in retrograde motion and is square to Sun, Moon and Uranus. We could see America committing more troops
to other parts of the world.

On a happier note: Earth day is on the 22nd and Mother Meera will give darshan in CT on the 27th. The Goddess Earth smiles when people gather in any group to celebrate and send healing energies throughout the body of Earth. We can avert the danger before it arises by projecting our mind, thoughts, feelings and spirit of love into the Earth on Earth Day.

Plant a tree, recycle plastic and glass, thank her for providing abundance to all of humanity and grant amnesty to all people.

We close off the month with Mercury entering Gemini. With both Venus and Mercury in Gemini, the twins have a clear insight into what brings them most joy and able to make choices in all areas of life to fulfill those inner desires.

All in all a wonderful month to enjoy the growth of springtime and create a new and everlasting joy in harmony with chirping birds, growing flowers and feeling the Earth with our hands. Pulling the weeds, churning the soil and planting new light of love in the Earth for the harvest later enjoyed.

Happy Spring to everyone who experienced the coldest winter on record in New England and elsewhere in America. Namaste: Lou.