Monthly Column

for March 2015 by Lou Valentino

March brings in a warmer weather pattern to

New England and many other states across America.

Those who live in New England call February of 2015 the
“Hibernation” month. Boston and Cape Cod hit with

plenty of snow bringing an 80% drop in restaurant

business. The parking and mobility of the city has been slowed down to almost a standstill.

March offers warmer temperatures already in the first week, daylight savings starting on March 8th and the first day of spring March 20th at 6:45PM EDT.

The signs affected mostly this month are Pisces, Virgo, Aries, Sagittarius and Capricorn. Pisces has the opportunity of a lifetime this month. Let me start off with the full Moon.

The full Moon in Virgo on the 5th at 14 degrees is opposing the Sun in Pisces. Two very different energies that can find balance. Virgo is about order and reason, Pisces is about intuition and sensitivity when it comes to feelings.

The full Moon chart has an Aries signature since there are 5 planets in fire with 4 cardinal. Pisces, Virgo and Aries want things in life to happen now. Results now. There is an impatient quality coming from Aries and Pisces that Virgo can't stand. Virgo wants everyone to settle down and be practical when making choices till the 20th of March.

The healthcare professions will be busy with extra ordinary hospital admission as the South Node and Mars in Aries unite on this full Moon. Emergency rooms will be busy with unexpected (Uranus at 14 degrees) accidents and Pisces is known for alcohol and drug abuse. Do not drive if you are drinking.

Daylight savings starts at 2AM in the early morning of the 9th so Sunday night on the evening of the 8th set your clocks before bed as we spring forward one hour. This will add needed light as New England climbs out of a very cold (coldest on record) February.

Mercury moves into Pisces on the 12th inspiring dreams and visions and then Venus enters Taurus on the 17th. This is very good for visualizations (Mercury in Pisces) to manifest more beauty and abundance (Venus in Taurus) in life.

All of this leads up to a new Moon total solar eclipse on the 20th at 5:36AM EDT. This new Moon is the 3rd of six SuperMoons and the 1st of 4 eclipses this year. It is in the late degrees, 29 degrees of Pisces just before the spring equinox starts when the Sun enters Aries at 6:45PM EDT.

Eclipses energy lasts for 6 months so for those who have Sun, Moon or rising in Pisces, “ If you can dream it you can create it”. It is time for the fish to make specific goals and plans because the energy to create it into reality is a part of this new Moon energy.

Pisces is known to dream away a lot of time while there life collects dust. I can't blame them because if you believe in reincarnation they have finished the last 11 lifetimes in all the other signs and are tired and need rest. They may look impractical at times from the viewpoint of all the other signs like the fire, earth and air, but they deserve needed rest from 11 lifetimes of hard labor.

Pisces is humanitarian and is the most compassionate sign of the Zodiac. They care about those less fortunate. Jerry Lewis gave most of his life for MD and George Harrison started the first rock concert to benefit the poor in Bangladesh. Bon Jovi opened up a restaurant to help those who are hungry have a meal.

Happy Birthday to the sign of Pisces as this is one of the most powerful months to take advantage of opportunities that you've been waiting for. Just set your visions on where you want to be within the next six months. Maybe you want to change your vocational direction, find a romantic partner, increase your pay, take a vacation somewhere or heal a physical health issue.

JUST BE SPECIFIC. Then visualize what you want a day before and after and on this new Moon March 20th total solar eclipse. You could say this is the real new year day for those who have Pisces in there natal chart. I highly recommend making a bulletin board of your visions and sitting in front of all your desires and dreams as a mediation on the day before and after as well as on the 20th.

I know the news has been terrible over the last few months regarding terrorist activity, racial tensions, deplorable homicides and weather patterns that are extreme in temperature. Also, ups and downs on

Wall Street numbers.

The Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn has created some of the strongest typhoons, tornadoes and violence we have seen in the past 50 years. The square between these two planets and signs started in June of 2012 and March 16th will be the last EXACT square from these two planets. A total of

7 exact squares.

Therefore, the tensions around the world will be unstable throughout the month of March but intense from the Full Moon all the way till April the next full Moon on April 4th. Aries and Capricorn are the signs that have been working through a lot of stress in their lives to say the least.

The square coming from Saturn in Sagittarius to Neptune and Mercury around the same time as the square from Uranus and Pluto is international tensions. The governments of the world need to take charge on the ground and in the air to stop terrorism. And, the recruiting of young adults from this group is alarming to society and parents.

President Obama needs to act quickly along with congress to take a more aggressive approach. The Republican's warned Obama to not pull ALL troops out of Iraq or Afghanistan and he didn't listen. And with some of the money that funds the homeland security being held back, Americans are starting to wonder who is going to lead to protect our country and hear the call of innocent people being kidnapped, tortured and killed.

Because holistic healthcare was not taken seriously enough by governments around the world to de-stress people and allow them to have a more centered and stable mind, body and spirit, the stress levels are out of control. I think the month of March is the most tense month around the world in 2015. It calms down in April.

Please take the time to find at least 10 minutes of silence in your day to pray, meditate, breath deeply or just sit quietly in nature. The world needs pockets of silence to dissolve the tension. To avert the dangers before they arise.

Scientific research has shown that as little as 1% of a countries people meditating together in silence can dissolve stress in the collective consciousness of the world and create less car accidents, domestic violence, hospital admissions and any all things that bring unhappiness to the family of man.

As a Pisces I will visualize a planet of peace, joy and creativity. I will chant everyday as I have been for a few hours a day and do my part as I have been over the last 37 years. It is up to all of us to contribute light and love.

Terrorist are passionate and well organized. It is time for the light workers to be more organized and passionate about silence. When this happens peace will be so strong it cannot be broken.

As Mars moves into Taurus on the 30th, it becomes more easy to manifest money. This is for all signs. Be a money magnet.

May the international banking families forgive all debt to all nations. This I pray......... Dear Gods in all forms both male and female as well as the great I AM being, grant amnesty

to planet Earth. Release all kama of imbalance and restore hope for all the children and adults who

want a debt free life.

Love and Light, Lou Valentino