July is my favorite month of the year because we

celebrate our independence as a country, summer brings

together families at the beach and the Sun feels so

warm and healing providing us with plenty of Vitamin D3

to help absorb Calcium. Happy Birthday America.

July's forecast offers lots of energy for the signs of Cancer, Leo, Capricorn, Aquarius,Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces.

We have two full Moon's this month: One falls on the first day of July and the other on the last day. Two full Moons fall within one calendar month every two to three years.

The full Moon on July 1st is in the sign of Capricorn at 9 degrees, 10:20PM EDT. Capricorn knows how to be responsible with work as they are dedicated, practical and disciplined. Capricorn represents the father figure.

Cancer, the opposite sign of Capricorn is sensitive, moody, patriotic, domestic, family oriented and loves to feed other people. They can be lazy at times like the other two water signs. It represents the mother figure.

These two signs are opposites in a lot of ways and the dynamite that is going on in this full Moon chart is obvious as Pluto conjuncts the Moon in retrograde motion in Capricorn causing the goat to be obsessed with work over family. If your married or in a serious relationship with a Capricorn, this full Moon influence from July 1st to July 15th could bring out some personality traits in your partner you may want to let go of. Where is the romance or obligation to family?

Those born under the sign of Cancer have a different issue. Mars conjuncts the Sun in Cancer on this full Moon day. Those born under the sign of Cancer are going to be very impatient from the 1st to the 15th. Very ungrounded and the temper can get the best of them. Then after the temper comes the tears. Emotional basket cases this 4th of July weekend.

Both the goat and the crab are learning a lot about themselves through obsessive behaviors and need to balance the female and male energies so the outcome is not so exhausting. The following affirmation for these signs this month could be : “ I AM BALANCED IN ALL WAYS OF MY LIFE”.

The artist Taylor Swift will go though a lot with this full Moon because she has Capricorn rising with Cancer ruling her 7th house. This could be a wake up call to slow down a bit as her career is taking a lot of energy out of her romantic life. I mean, how many more songs can she write to fulfill the needs of her Cancer ruled 7th house?

Eventually you have to have a real relationship not just to write another song about. She has already mastered the physical world but now she needs to embrace someone she really love's to fill in the “Blank Space”. Her emotional/spiritual space.

Without scaring anyone, this combination can create violence for America as Cancer is the ruling sign of America. Capricorn rules big business and big government. The financial crisis in Greece is making the numbers on Wall Street tumble and reminding us that money is not the whole answer to life.

Security in America is on alert for this 4th of July weekend. The good news is there are no t-squares in this full Moon chart and their are trines (easy flowing energy) from the Sun/Mars to Neptune, spirituality and compassion is there to save the day. All of this energy comes together on the 15th when Mars makes an exact opposition to Pluto showing us the final outcome of the full Moon on July 1st.

Also, Venus makes its first of three conjunctions with Jupiter starting on this full Moon in Leo. Time for Leo to play, find romance and financial gains. The upcoming Venus turn retrograde on the 25th puts some caution into the blood of the passionate Lion and will remain within 10 degrees of Jupiter for three months.

June 30th is very auspicious for the sign of Leo as both Venus and Jupiter form a conjunction next to a full Moon. According to some sources this could have been the astrological combination that signified the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem some 2,000 years ago. For those born under the sign of Leo, you can manifest whatever you want to fulfill on this auspicious day and throughout the dates mentioned in the previous paragraph. Even if you have the Moon or rising or a combination of planets in Leo this is very helpful to fulfill desires.

From June 14 to August 17, those born with the Sun, rising or Moon in Leo may find they overspent from 1st of July till the 25th and need to be more conservative till the third week of August. But, this combination can help them grow and expand and give them the attentions they need to market themselves to gain financially by the the time Venus turns direct on September 6th.

Mercury enters Cancer on July 8th and the new Moon is in Cancer on the 15th at 23 degrees, 9:24PM EDT. Mercury in Cancer wants to communicate about all the values that family life holds as well as a new political climate of equality and compassion. The crab is willing to side step a few conservative boundaries in order to bring people closer together.

New Moon's create new beginnings. On the full Moon we had the tug of war between Capricorn and Cancer but this new Moon finds Cancer with most of the cards at hand and if Capricorn has not come to their senses by now to go home and deal with home and personal life, the crap is ready to bite them with their sharped claws.

Communications are strong for the sign of Cancer as Mercury and Mars conjoin a few hours before this new Moon. A deepening of our emotional intelligence is the goal that Cancer wants Capricorn to understand. Cancer wants to use their spiritual power as warriors.

July 15th and 18th, Mercury opposes Pluto and squares Uranus and its shake and bake time as Cancer cooks up a meal that allows change (Uranus and Pluto) with a temper behind it (Mars oppose Pluto). Even the most aged and deepest injuries as well as power struggles can be resolved now.

Healing for the signs of Cancer, , Pisces and Scorpio as Chiron at 21 degrees of Pisces and Saturn at 29 degrees of Scorpio form a water grand trine with this new Moon in Cancer. This is an opportunity for all water signs to heal and let go of any issues they have dealt with over the last 3 years. The final release for Scorpio will be EASY. Effortless healing I call it.

Affirmation for the water signs on this new Moon till the full Moon on the 31st is:“ I CAN GIVE UP THE STRUGGLE AND LIVE”, “ I RELEASE AND FORGIVE”, I AM HEALED.

Venus will enter Virgo on the 18th and then turn retrograde on the 25th at zero degrees. Virgo is faced with choices about money, health and romance. If you are born under the sign of Virgo pay close attentions to your life between the 18th of July and August 1st. You will be shown clues of what you need to work on so that when Venus turns direct on September 6th, 2015 you will be ready to act on and balance those areas of your life that need adjustments.

Venus will move back into Virgo on October the 9th giving Virgo a whole new life that is more balanced and productive all resulting from inner reflection and organized steps to make their lives work.

The Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd followed by Mercury entering Leo on the 23rd. Leo's love attention and they will have a lot to say till the middle of August. If your in the creative arts as a singer, musician or actor, this is a very good time to be front and center and impress your audience.

Leo wants to be creative and entertaining giving out their love to the world. The opposite sign Aquarius wants to be involved in groups of people organizing the events that Leo stars in.

The full Moon on the 31st is in Aquarius at 7 degrees 6:43AM EDT. Venus moves into Leo 5 hours later and steals the show from Aquarius. This full Moon chart has a Leo signature with 4 planets in fire and 5 fixed. What fire sign if fixed? It's Leo. Leo is front and center till the middle of August and continues to have good luck on its side as Venus in retrograde motion heads towards Jupiter in direct motion. When will they meet? The first 7 days of August. Play the lottery if you have your Sun, Moon or rising in Leo. Romantic attraction is high.

Keep in mind that Saturn will turn direct on August 2nd early in the morning. Saturn is in Scorpio and will move into Sagittarius on September 18th finishing its influence for Scorpio and putting its total focus on Sagittarius. I will discuss more of this in greater detail in my September column. For now, Scorpio will feel like their lives will move forward at a faster pace in August then it did over the last few months.

Keep in mind that all the transcendental planets (furthest away from Earth) Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are in retrograde motion and the collective consciousness of the world is tense at times. Fighting for economic balance and a world based on equal rights will continue to stir up tensions as we have recently seen in Greece.

Meditations in silence, prayer are greatly needed in this purification period. Take some time in your day to day life to just sit quietly and listen to nature. Bask in the Sun and heal your mind, body and spirit. Know that you are loved by nature and then you can love the people around you more productively.

Love and Light to everyone. Lou........

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Monthly Column

for July 2015 by Lou Valentino