Guitar Lessons: Beginning Piano:

 I've been teaching guitar for 30 years. All lessons are done online Skype. 

 Teaching ages 8 and older/Beginners and Intermediate for Guitar.

 Piano only for those who have never played piano before. 

 Acoustic and electric guitar/Ukulele

 You will learn how to play chords with specific chord rhythm's. If needed, site reading of notes. Scales to

 use in lead playing. Contemporary Travis picking for nice sounding acoustics. And of course, your favorite    songs.  


                                               Acoustic and Electric Guitar                                               



PIANO LESSONS FOR BEGINNERS 8 YEARS AND OLDER: For those who never played piano before. I work out of the Alfred all-in-one books as well as the children's books. You will learn how to read music as well as how to play chords. You must have a good Skype connection as well as a keyboard. 



Prices:  $25.00 per half hour.  FIRST LESSON IS FREE. Then you prepay $100.00 for you next 4 lessons.            

 Family rate: 2 students take 10% off. 3 students take 20% off. 4 students take 30% off the normal per         month price.

           Receive a FREE lesson for every person you refer to me who commits to first month's lessons.


           To set up appointment for my online lessons call Lou 860-440-8610.


  Visa/ MasterCard accepted. You can also e-mail Lou:

 Lou performed a few nights a week in clubs/resturaunts for 18 years. His singing voice was compared to

 many artists like James Taylor, Don McClean, Peter Gabriel, Bon Jovi, Neil Diamond and many more. Singing

 is the most feeling instrument of all musical instruments.

 He was chosen as best male vocalist in his senior year of highschool as well as earning awards for traveling

 and performing to play guitar and sing with his highschool road show. 

 He studied music therory at Roger Williams College, now RW University, and also took one year of piano   lessons. He has taught hundreds of students how to play guitar over the last 30 years. 

Testimonials from students:

My 10 and 11 year old boys have taken guitar lessons from Lou for over 6 years now and they are now playing songs, reading music theory, playing certain rhythm patterns and have memorized 26 different chords. Lou's style of teaching is diversified. He has a wonderful balance of teaching and making it fun in between. He is patient with children and you can tell he loves teaching them.

Amy and Steve of Massachusetts

My son and I have been taking guitar lessons from Lou for over five years now and at the beginning we didn't know anything about playing guitar. Now, we know over two dozen of our favorite songs, chords, rhythm patterns and he's presently teaching us about finger picking. He has not only helped us learn how to play guitar but he has given me  another opportunity to enjoy doing something with my son and all of this adds up to an outstanding teaching job by Lou.

Bruce and Alex of Massachusetts

I started taking guitar lessons at the age of 13 from Lou Valentino. When I first began my lessons I never imagined I’d be able to play like I can now. Now I am 16 and completed three years of lessons and I enjoyed all 3 years. Each

year I found I progressed more and more and that's all thanks to Lou's teaching style. He is an amazing instructor. My favorite artist is Taylor Swift. He taught me how to play so many of her songs I lost count. I feel I am ready to advance in

music theory and playing if I want to continue my studies in college. I highly recommend him.

 C.L. of Massachusetts

I started taking guitar lessons with Lou only 4 months ago and I already know how to play songs, read chords and play rhythm patterns. One of my desires was to play guitar in my life and now I can. Lou makes the lessons tailored

around my personal needs but at the same time keeps me learning new things to apply to my own artists I enjoy listening too the most. You will learn a lot and he makes it fun at the same time.

Mark S of Connecticut

I am in my 60's and all my life I’ve wanted to play guitar. Lou has made that dream come true for me. It's been only a year of taking lessons with Lou and I am already playing many of my favorite songs. I remember at the beginning when

I doubted if I would ever really play a song and Lou kept telling me “ you will be playing sooner than you think”. Then it all started coming together and I now play with my friends and I can't express how thankful I am for Lou's teaching

style which has allowed me to learn chords, rhythm patterns, songs and even finger picking. It don’t get any better than this.

R.W. of Massachusetts

I've taken lessons on and off during my life and after taking lessons from other teachers I find Lou's style to be very productive. He has helped me grow faster than other teachers. He is patient and listens to your needs and try’s to answer

all questions. I take an hour every other week which works great for me and he has no problem filling that hour up with plenty of things to work on. He knows what level I was at and has already taken me to the next level in just 4 months

time. I have a much better understanding of finger picking and applying it to songs I enjoy playing.

Jerrie from Connecticut