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Do you want to learn about astrology? Lou Valentino is offering 1 hr consultations in person or over the phone to teach others about how to read your own personal chart.

What do the houses mean? What are aspects? What are the 3 areas to look at in a chart to determine personality profile? What does transiting planet mean? What is a secondary progressed chart? What are Dasha periods in Vedic?

The charge for this is $50.00 an hr. You prepay $200.00 to commit to one month of learning. That is 4 seperate 1hr sessions. 

You can also pay a single fee of $50.00 for an hr class at anytime. 


 Call Lou to schedule an   appointment. 860-440-8610

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​NEW ZODIAC CARD READING: $60.00 FOR 30 MINUTES:  

A reading by Lou that fits everyone's budget. During this reading Lou uses "Zodiac Moon Reading Cards" and also can look at your Sun, Moon and rising if you have birth information to predict past, present and future outcomes. 

This 36 card deck has 12 Sun sign cards, 12 Moon sign cards and 12 Eclipse Sun sign cards. 

​​Full and New Moon Reading $60.00:  This 1/2hr reading lets you know how the monthly new and full Moon effects your life for the

current month your reading takes place. Depending on what houses the full and new Moon falls in and how they are aspected will determine what areas of your life are effected. Lou gives an affirmation for you to say daily to help you balance your full and new Moon lessons.

The full and new Moon effects your subconscious habits and your emotional feelings. The relationship with woman, real estate, family, mother and your childhood life is reflected by the Moon. A powerful reading at an affordable price.

This is a great reading to do on a monthly basis so you know from month to month how the Moon is influencing your life and what to put your attentions on each month to evolve and grow more gracefully. 

45 MINUTE READING $125.00: This 45 minute reading helps those who are in a rush for answers. A combination of astrology and spiritual consultation quickly at an affordable price. 2hr preperation time rather than 5hrs with higher priced readings. You get a six month transit report. A typed version of reading as well as audio file sent to e-mail.   

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOLAR READING: $125.00: (Every birthday you get a new chart that forecast the next 12 months till your next birthday. ​You will receive a FREE solar return report, phone consultation, audio file and a typed version of the reading. A wonderful way to see the upcoming trends from birthday to birthday. 

CLARITY READING: $195.00: This reading includes explanations of Sun, Moon and rising signs as well as your life’s lessons. Lou looks into your past, present and future trends. A major transit report for 1 year from the date of the reading/ FREE. This reading is 1 hour long.

VEDIC READING: $195.00:  This reading includes explanations of Sun, Moon and rising signs as well as Dasha periods of past, present and future trends. Recommendations for planetary mantras to appease afflictions. Reading is 1 hour long. Includes Vedic Chart Wheel (South Style) and Dasha Period print out.

LIFE READING: $295.00: This reading combines both Western and Vedic charts to gain a fuller picture of past, present and future trends. This reading is one and a half hours long. Predictions are more accurate because of the combination of both Western and Eastern systems. Major transit report (Western) included for 1 year from the start date of reading/ FREE as well as printed wheels of both Western and Vedic charts.


This week long chant is too the 9 heavenly bodies. Each day Lou will chant for 40 minutes (2 Malas) / (108 chants equals one mala) to ask for forgivieness of past karma affiliated with the planet and house placement in your Vedic chart. Two out of the 7 days Lou chants for two 40 minute sessions to include all 9 planetary bodies.

This chant sweeps out the whole chart inspiring new energies and helping the client fulfill their desires of abundance, perfect health and love. Clients have reported a feeling of inner and outer peace, increase of abundance, better personal and family relationships, and better health.

It is recommended to do this service to start the New Year and also around your birthday, start of a new solar year. An e-mail comes to you every day with the times of the chants and the benefits from it. You get a file of your Rasi Chart, audio file of three chants at the beginning of each chant and a benefit page to refer to to see which areas are helped.  

The influence of this chant lasts for a four month period. 


It takes years of meditation practice to allow the mind to move into the deepest areas of silence and make adjustments to planetary energies to lessen karma or sin that has weakened a persons life.

All of my studies and 45 years of daily meditation have led me to offer daily chanting for one hour each day for one full week to make adjustments for my clients that will strengthen the birth chart and allow fulfillment in all areas of life.

Sunday is for the Sun, Monday the Moon, Tuesday for Mars and so on. Most people don't have time for meditation or chanting as life is so busy. This service will allow you personal time while Lou does some of your spiritual work for you.

You receive daily emails from Lou when he has done the hour chanting and what benefits you can receive over a 6 month period from the commencement of the chanting.

Planetary chanting and Inner Grace meditation are the two most powerful ways to remove obstacles and heal past life karma so you can fulfill desires more gracefully.

(Go to Testimonials for client experiences)

Inner Grace Meditation: $75.00, Individual rate. Group/ 1 and 1/2 hr workshop Rate: $25.00 per person.

Can teach over the phone or via Skype.

This is the inner limbs of Yoga called Samyama which is the last 4 limbs of Patanjali's 8 limb Ashtanga yoga classical model. Experience deep rest to release stress. Reach the goal of Yoga in a very natural way without trying so hard. It's easy. Divine grace happens automatically. No effort is needed. If you have a Yoga studio and want your students to learn how to move from the more physical limbs of yoga to the more subtle to the most subtlest, Inner Grace
Meditation workshop is a great addition to your current offerings.

Relationship Reading:$225.00

Ever wonder how you and your
loved one relate to one another? Do you have what it takes to fall in love with an overlay chart? Do you have what it takes to go the distance with a composite chart? Lou helps to guide and answer sensitive questions surrounding your personal relationship.

Do you have Kujadosha (Mars placement). Are you looking for a realationship and want to know when you might manifest one? Are you in a relationship that is very karmic and want answers to where it is now and where it is going? Are you at the end of your rope with someone and need to make some choices? Lou can help you clear out the clouds. A FREE compatibility report is a part of this package deal.

All readings are typed/ recorded and mailed after the phone consultation so you can refer back to the dates and keep track of your planetary influences. Each reading is limited to 3 questions of importance.

Readings require your exact birth time, birth place (City and State) and date of birth including the year. Readings can be done in person, on the telephone and are typed/recorded for you to read afterwards. You don't have to take notes because it is all typed for you and all readings are taped on digital recorder and sent via e-mail after reading. 

$10.00 SHIPPING AND HANDLING FEE ADDED FOR BOTH READINGS AND REPORTS. THANK YOU. Reports can be e-mailed to avoid shipping costs. You can print them out yourself. 



Merlin Report: This is the most popular natal report for beginners who want simple down to earth language. Chapters cover the way you relate to the world through your unique personality of Sun, Moon and rising sign placements. Averages 13 to 15 pages. $15.00

Indra Report: This report is for those who know their Sun,Moon and rising signs and want a more comprehensive explaination of the aspects and how each planet functions in their chart. Averages 30 pages. A great education on astrology related specifically to you. $20.00

Major Transit Report: This report covers the influence of the longer transits of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto for a year from the date of purchase. Giving specific dates of when an aspect starts and finishes as well as the exact peak date. Comes FREE with a Clarity, Vedic or Life Reading. $15.00

The Child Report: Ideal for parents to know how their child

functions in life. Chapters deal with the way the child reacts to life intellectualy, emotionaly and spiritualy. What talents does the child have and what challanges. How can you as a parent help the growth process. Can be for boy or girl. $15.00

Compatiability Report: This report takes two people and puts both

birth charts on top of one another. Chapters include what brought

you both together and final outcomes. Covers aspects so you can

see if their is enough compatability. $15.00

Solar Return Report: This report starts on your birthday and shows

the year in progress till the next birthday. Covers all areas of life

and the major themes for the future year from birthday to birthday. Solar year is like getting a new life. It can help you predict what your

new birthday year will be. $15.00

CALL LOU VALENTINO AT (860-440-8610) TO SET UP APOINTMENT. NAMASTE. Visa, MasterCard and American Express accepted.

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