Past Life Report: Based on your exact birthtime and Edgar Cayce's studies, this report gives you past lives on the basis of your planetary positions in your chart. You will read about some of your past lives and how they are influencing your present one now.This is a valuable tool to see the lessons you are trying to balance in THIS lifetime. Averages 13 to 16 pages. $15.00

Flower Essence: Would you like to know which flower essences to take and specific crystals and stones to wear to balance different astrological aspects in your chart. This report gives you company names to contact for each flower essence and also how to prepare them. Averages 10 to 15 pages. $15.00

 Daily Transit Report: This covers all the planets in transit.

From  Mercury to Pluto. It includes the dates when each planet is moving into a specific house and when it leaves that house giving you some insight into the areas affected by that specific house.

The Moon is not covered because it only takes 2 and a half days to move through a sign. By request I can print out aspects the Moon is making to your birth planets. 

 While the Major transit report covers specific aspects between the longer

 transits of Jupiter through Pluto, the Daily Transit report covers aspects

 from Mercury through Pluto and when planets move through houses. You 

 only need to order for a three month period as the average amount

 of pages for the Daily Transit report is between  25 to 35 pages.


 E-Book: "Full Moon Messages" from the Pleiadian's is a channeled 80 page

 e-book that gives specific information on how life will unfold when contact

 is made with higher races that are not only more advanced technologically

 but also spiritually. Contact will be somewhere between 2024 to 2044. 

This is a kindle book available on Amazon or ordered directly by calling Lou. $9.99. Put title in search field on Amazon and it will come up. 


 Lou had most of the information running through his thoughts since 1984

 and finally sat down to type up the information in a question/answer

 format between himself and another Pleiadian (Aim) his soul twin. This is   automatic writing channeled information. 

Art design photos by Endre Balogh and available at his website mentioned on the front of my homepage. (

Aim appears as an etheric being who is my soul twin brother from the Pleiadians.