The signs most affected in 2024 are Aries, Libra, Pisces, Aquarius, Taurus, and Gemini.

Saturn is back in Pisces helping to build a solid foundation that they have dreamed of for years over the next two and a half years. By the middle of 2026, Pisces is living the dream with moments of hope along the way in 2024 and 2025.

Jupiter will move into Gemini in May of 2024, and this could affect the sign of Taurus as Jupiter has been protecting those born under the sign of Taurus from having a financial meltdown.

As Jupiter moves into the sign of Gemini, it leaves Uranus in Taurus unguarded, and Uranus in Taurus is shaky for financial matters. Uranus has been in Taurus since May of 2018 and will remain in Taurus till the end of April 2026.

If you have the Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Taurus, it would be advisable to get your financial house in order by May 26, 2024, or you could experience financial disappointments.

The banking industry is vulnerable in 2024 all the way till the spring of 2026 as Pluto tries to settle into Aquarius and Uranus tries to finish its stay in Taurus. Be conservative with your investments. Invest in silver, gold, and real estate more this year.

Gemini will have luck on their side from May 2024 till June 10th, 2025, but they always have luck on their side anyhow. This may be a period of too much communication coming from the news media, the “Bubble Gum” chewers.

We normally have four eclipses a year but 2024 will have five of them. Aries and Libra dominate four with the only total solar eclipse on April 8th in Aries at nine degrees.

The first eclipse of 2024, full Moon lunar eclipse, is in the sign of Libra at three degrees on March 24 to 25th.

On September 17 to 18th, we have a full Moon Lunar eclipse in Pisces at 24 degrees. The only eclipse of 2024 that is not in Aries or Libra.

October 2nd is a new Moon solar eclipse in Libra at nine degrees and lastly on October 17th a full Moon lunar eclipse in Aries at 23 degrees.

Remember, we have the North Node traveling through the warrior sign of Aries as mentioned earlier combined with the eclipse Aries energy is not good to soften up the male dominated violence that is going on worldwide.

By the end of January 2024 Uranus will station direct on January 27, 2024, and now all the planets are in direct motion till Mercury makes its first retrograde on April 2nd, 2024.

Full steam ahead for February and March to receive more support from nature without lots of obstacles in 2024.

I have said so many times over the last 40 years that holistic healthcare can calm the world down and bring a balance to male and female energies but the techniques such as yoga, meditation, massage therapy, acupuncture/pressure, high quality vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements and so much more has been held hostage to the Capricorn traditional institutions such as the AMA, FDA and FTC.

With Pluto moving into Aquarius and leaving Capricorn this year, this could change the playing field. However, it is U.F.O. contact with more evolved races that will break the hypnotic hold that humanity hangs onto and cannot seem to evolve out of.

Keep holding the light of consciousness in your lives with holistic practices that purify the nervous system to help ease the pain created by those who want to do evil harm to others.

Wishing everyone a safe and fulfilling 2024. May the light of knowledge keep us all evolving with less stress in life and flowing with divine grace.

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                   Chapter Headings of my kindle Book

           By Lou Valentino and "Aim" from the Pleiadian Culture. 



 1.The Volunteer’s/Dimensions, P.11

 2.The 4 Phase Plan for Humanity, P.18

 3.Preparation Phase (2024 to 2044)/ A New Approach to Education, P.20

 4.The New Economics/Rotating Real Estate/Tantra Yoga, P.26

 5.Soul Mates/Soul Twins (Relationships)/ Romance of the 
Universe/The Soma Plant, P.43

 6 New Healthcare System/Hope for the poor and forgotten souls, P.58

 7.East is East, and West is West…. Sacred Sounds “Mantras” and the Holy Tradition/Vedic Influence, P.71

8.Messages to UFO Communities and New Technologies, P.83

 9.Inner Grace Meditation and closing thoughts from Lou, P.97

                                                OVERVIEW OF 2024

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