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I'm starting from the full Moon in Leo at the end of January as the predictions of international tensions between leaders of the world have come true. 

The opposite sign of Aquarius is Leo, and the full Moon on January 25th is in Leo at 5 degrees (12:54PM EST). This full Moon offers intense transformational energies to those with the Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Leo.

This is because this full Moon has three T-squares and a Yod (finger of God) in it. The T-squares are in fixed signs of Leo, Taurus, and Aquarius with Scorpio as the missing leg. This energy of adjustments and transformation lasts till the next new Moon on February 9, 2024.

With Pluto so close to the Sun in Aquarius, we could have leaders of the free world not wanting to make the major changes they need to make to calm down violence. Look to this full Moon for major adjustments (Yod) to happen.

Remember, Aquarius deals with humanitarian aid and the leaders of organizations trying to bring aid to troubled areas is tough during this time that is causing humanitarian crisis. 

" Inner Grace Meditation" is about divine grace. Divine grace is not something you look for or try to make happen. You have the intention to close your eyes and start to withdraw from your environment and let the laws of gravity gracefully take you to the bliss that is deep down inside of you. Deep rest, deeper than deep sleep, allows stress to leave you. The gift of divine grace or divine judgment is an automatic by product of letting go and NOT CONCENTRATING so much. Simplicity. 

Create a space in the thought process via sound “Mantra” and the gift of grace melts tensions away so you’re ready for the world. 

 And, when the world takes too much of you, you just go back to that quiet space between thoughts. The kind of space that is unbounded. Without any judgments. The space of divine grace that guides you in your life. A gift that you didn't consciously ask for, but it showed up in moments all on its own. Without trying and concentrating.”


 Namaste: Louis Thomas Valentino


           February 2024


If you have the Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Aquarius, this month has you very busy until February 18th when the energy of the sky’s switches to Pisces.

Pluto is moving from zero degrees to one degree by February 22nd, 2024, in the sign of Aquarius.

Anyone who has the planets just mentioned within zero to 3 degrees of Aquarius is going through intense purifications, adjustments (Pluto) in their lives and won’t get a break till September of 2024 when Pluto moves back into Capricorn for a few months.

Mercury moves into Aquarius on February 5th, and this gives Mercury power since its exalted in Aquarius. Mercury in Aquarius is activating a clear mind that is technological so computer software engineers will have great insight in their professions till February 18th when the energy of this month switches from Aquarius to Pisces.

What I have mentioned so far can magnify the personality of Aquarius in the deepest ways. Aquarius is the sign of the receiver and the natural ruling sign of the 11th house.

The 11t house is about wishes and dreams, friendships, organizations working together in a communal way. It is also the house of free lance work with money earned periodically.

Aquarius wants a new life at this point that is more independent and not co-dependent on others. Aquarius is an air sign, but most people feel that it’s a water sign due to the symbolism of a water bearer. This makes Aquarius less sensitive/ intellectual. They can also be very stubborn.

Astrologers are affiliated with the sign of Aquarius so they may be getting more notoriety for their work and an increase of business is at hand.

Most astrologers would agree with me that it takes a lot of focus on technique to do a proficient reading, so Mercury in Aquarius is an ideal time to have focus strong and a clear intellect to come to conclusions after analysis.

If that’s not enough, the new Moon will be in Aquarius on February 9th at 20 degrees at (5:59PM EST). New beginnings. This could be the time that Aquarians start a new job, community outreach, get a raise or have a nervous breakdown. LOL>

This new Moon has lots of tension in it. Four T-Squares and Yod (Finger of God). Since Leo is the rising sign, it will be managers and leaders of organizations that are under pressure to increase earning power. Humanitarian organizations may find that people are not donating what they need to help the world from hunger, natural disasters, and other health issues.

This could be a time when there is a deal with negotiations between Israel and the Palestine groups and a release of hostages, but it comes with more stress and violence.

Ukraine will also be in negotiations for more help and other countries like Haiti, which we never hear about at all in world news, parts of Africa, Central and South America.

Starvation in the slums of many countries needs attention and could get help with this type of planetary configuration especially with the eye of the Yod pointing to the sign of Leo rising conjunct the part of fortune.

In short, the leaders of the free world are at a turning point. Let us pray that we don’t see any volent behavior breaking out in society or any violence from mother nature regarding weather patterns, earthquakes, and volcano eruptions.

All the fixed signs in beginning degrees will have tensions running in their lives. These signs are Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio. Scorpio becomes the missing leg of the four T-squares, so they are the equalizers of the tensions going on in the other fixed signs mentioned.

This is an opportunity for humanity to mature spiritually, but adjustments, Yod, must be made from chaos to bring order and balance to world consciousness.

The new Moon chart has Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Pluto in Aquarius and if that’s not enough, Mars moves into Aquarius on February 13th giving this humanitarian sign lots of physical energy till Mars enters Pisces on March 22nd, 2024.

The fixed signs, especially Aquarius, need plenty of exercise during this time to balance out the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their lives.

One thing is for sure, those with the Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Aquarius in the beginning degrees will transform their lives, find the freedom, and balance they seek by the time this month ends.

Venus will move into the sign of Aquarius on February 16th, two days after Valentine’s Day, showing romance is also high as the two planets of romance, Mars, and Venus, spend time this month in a sign that is more into friendships than a committed romantic partner. This month may be the exception, however.

The Sun moves into the overly sensitive and mystical sign of Pisces on February 18th and finally switches the energy from independence to spiritual faith.

Happy Birthday to all the Pisces out there, which includes me. March 3rd is my birthday.

Mercury will move into Pisces on February 23rd giving the fish time to think and communicate more directly with a higher source of creative intelligence. Pisces will be highly creative till March 9th with this combination.

Pisces is normally not structured with discipline and prone to being a spaced-out artist getting lost in a musical song, photograph, movie, or theatre show. They can create their own unique music in life. This is an exciting time to take advantage of that.

Not only does Pisces have the discipline, with Saturn presently in Pisces, to fulfill their dreams, but the full Moon in Virgo on February 24th is in Virgo at 5 degrees (7:30AM EST) to add an organized power to Pisces daydreaming.

This full Moon has no stressful aspects which is a total opposite flow of energies than the new Moon experienced on February 9th.

With all planets in direct motion till April, Pisces can make great strides in their vocational directions of creativity and the ability to tune into the higher vibrations that exist on other dimensions that most humans miss.

Virgo is the sign of healing and offers a stable Earth element that Pisces lacks. Virgo is the opposite sign of Pisces. Virgo is also the natural ruler of the 6th house, one of the houses of health. The health of America should be in a balanced state.

Pisces has the opportunity to let go of addictions that create a victimized state of consciousness. To move forward now with confidence in themselves as this full Moon activates the Sun, Moon, Mercury stellium, three or more planets together, in the sign of Pisces which is the opposite sign of Virgo. This all means balance is at hand for the signs of Pisces and Virgo till March 9th.

Add in Neptune in Pisces at twenty-six degrees, the natural ruling planet of Pisces, and we have a very spiritual energy running through the blood of those with Pisces energies. If you have the Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Pisces, you are able to connect with higher dimensions and even communicate with loved ones that have passed over.

It is Leap Day on February 29th, another day added to February. Why do we have a leap year every four years? Here is an explanation from a search on the internet that explains it clearly.

“A leap year is a year that has an extra day added to the calendar to keep it in alignment with the Earth’s revolutions around the Sun.

It takes the Earth approximately 365.242189 days – or 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 45 seconds – to circle once around the Sun. This is called a tropical year. Without an extra, or intercalary day on February 29 nearly every four years, we would lose almost six hours every year “

I’ve already wished everyone a happy new year, now I wish everyone a happy leap year. Many blessings to all zodiac signs.

Lou Valentino has been giving astrological consultations for over 30 years in both Western and Vedic astrology.