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The last day of March is Easter Sunday. It’s time for humanity to lift themselves up out of violence and suffering as Jesus did.

We have seen much of the emphasis on suffering in the Age of Pisces that Jesus initiated but we are moving ahead in the new Age of Aquarius.

To rise above suffering into a brotherhood of non-violence and advanced technologies to benefit humanity, not sabotage it with more sneaky manipulative energies that we are seeing with A.I.


             April 2024

" Inner Grace Meditation" is about divine grace. Divine grace is not something you look for or try to make happen. You have the intention to close your eyes and start to withdraw from your environment and let the laws of gravity gracefully take you to the bliss that is deep down inside of you. Deep rest, deeper than deep sleep, allows stress to leave you. The gift of divine grace or divine judgment is an automatic by product of letting go and NOT CONCENTRATING so much. Simplicity. 

Create a space in the thought process via sound “Mantra” and the gift of grace melts tensions away so you’re ready for the world. 

 And, when the world takes too much of you, you just go back to that quiet space between thoughts. The kind of space that is unbounded. Without any judgments. The space of divine grace that guides you in your life. A gift that you didn't consciously ask for, but it showed up in moments all on its own. Without trying and concentrating.”


 Namaste: Louis Thomas Valentino

April of 2024 is filled with intense energies as Mercury stations retrograde on April fools’ day and we have the only total eclipse, new Moon solar eclipse, of 2024 on April 8th with both in the sign of Aries.

THE MONTH OF APRIL is potent with Aries/Mars energy.

April 1st starts with Mercury stationing retrograde in Aries at 27 degrees.

Those with Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Aries want to move quickly ahead, Aries can be impatient, but find themselves in situations where they need to sit with their thoughts and feelings as obstacles delay their plans.

They can use this Mercury retrograde period to get back to inner reflections of what is not working in their lives and how they will change certain areas of their thoughts and feelings so they can move forward when Mercury stations direct on April 25th at 15 degrees of Aries.

Venus will move into Aries on April 5th so relationship issues as well as finances will be the two areas of life that bring tensions to the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

Most of this tension is between Aries and Libra as we just had a full Moon lunar eclipse in Libra on March 25th. We have two more eclipses in October of 2024 between these signs as well.

This new Moon solar eclipse, on April 8th, brings the public out to the areas that it will be visible hopefully under clear skies. It will be total at (2:21PM EST).

This rare celestial event, when the moon passes in between the Sun and Earth and completely blocks the Sun for a few minutes and casts a shadow on Earth, creates a so-called "path of totality," It will be visible in parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. 

The new Moon total eclipse chart does not have lots of tension in it since there are no T-squares, oppositions or Yod’s (Finger of God).

Therefore, even thou there are five planets in Aries plus the North Node, with Mercury retrograde, it creates a standstill regarding wars in the world and a closer look at gun violence in America. Aries is the warrior of the Zodiac.

The sign of Aries is at an all-time energy boost as eclipses tend to intensify energies. The ancients felt this to be a negative situation when the Sun’s light is blocked either by the Moon or the Earth.

But I agree with the author of, “Future signs by Maria Kay Simms,” that it is more an emphasized focus and depending on the aspects in your own personal chart and the house placement of the eclipse, would determine more if it has a negative or positive influence.

The ancient Vedic, Jyotish, astrologers do recommend taking it easy on the days of a new Moon solar eclipse or a full Moon lunar eclipse especially if it is a total eclipse which this new Moon eclipse on April 8th is.

Take the time to pray, do affirmations or sit quietly in deep meditation, inner limbs of yoga, to allow this eclipse to use its intense energies to settle into your consciousness and expand it.

This is a time when world peace/negotiations can be considered as new Moon’s are about starting a new plan or direction in life. I offer consultations of a new or full Moon.

War continues to expand this month of April but most of what happens on April 8th, give, or take two days before and after, that will determine if things turn more negative than positive. There is hope with this total eclipse energy.

Obviously, the month of April has the sign of Aries going through the most intense purification on all levels of life since Mercury, Chiron, Sun, Moon, North Node and Venus are all in Aries on this total new Moon solar eclipse day. Remember, Mercury is retrograde.

Security in America and all countries must be vigilant in the month of April. This total eclipse leads to a full Moon in Scorpio on April 23rd that is very stressed. Therefore, April becomes one of the most stressful months internationally in 2024 when it comes to gun violence and war.

Thank God Mars continues to be in Pisces till April 29th lending some compassion into the mix.  

The good news is the Sun enters Taurus on April 19th and this stable Earth sign grounds some of the tensions from April 1st till the 19th. Happy Birthday to the sign of Taurus.

Happy Earth Day on April 22nd.

The full Moon is in Scorpio on April 23rd (7:49PM EST) at 4 degrees. This full Moon chart has lots of tensions in it. Seven T-squares. This tension could manifest an increase of violence surrounding birth and death issues.

This tension combined with Mercury is at its deepest point of retrogradation combined with Pluto, Moon, Sun engaged in the T-squares causes arguments for the signs of Aries, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

Scorpio is the opposite of Taurus and with Pluto in Aquarius, the modern ruler of Scorpio, getting caught up in the T-squares, this could be the turning point in the economy.

Even thou our congress is on vacation till April 8th, they may have to come back sooner due to emergency situations happening here at home and abroad. Homeland security will be on high alert in the month of April all the way to May 13th.

Pluto in Aquarius with this combination shows humanitarian organizations are so stressed over providing food to areas that really need it. We could see a humanitarian crisis like never before for most of this month leading into the first 13 days of May.

Will Ukraine get the help it needs to survive? Will the hostages, who are still alive, be returned and stability found in Israel and the surrounding Arab nations? Will Haiti be back on track? Will conflicts in Africa, South and Central America calm down?

The Scorpio signature in this full Moon chart offers those with Sun, Moon, rising and planets in Scorpio great transformation till the next new Moon on May 7th in the sign of Taurus.

Financial instability can come into the lives of the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius if they are not attentive to the changing financial times. Keep in mind this is an election year so whoever controls the financial numbers will most likely keep the economy balanced till after the election for President is over.

The best investments are in gold, silver, and real estate. Real gold and silver outside the wall street portfolios. This way you OWN YOUR OWN MONEY. The banking system is not as healthy as everyone thinks as it is, and the tensions of the full Moon could create a wake-up call by the middle of May.

Mercury will be in deep retrograde motion on this full Moon Day of April 23rd and will station direct on April 25th at 15 degrees of Aries. It will not be out of its retrograde shadow until May 13th at 27 degrees of Aries.

If you think the daily news is bad now, you may not want to listen at all for most of the month of April till May 7th.

Venus will move into Taurus on April 29th giving the sign of Taurus increased sense of physical security and creative energies till May 24th.

Taurus does attract abundance and romance during this time so enjoy it as the good luck and guardian angel, Jupiter, will leave the sign of Taurus vulnerable, starting May 26thl when Jupiter moves into Gemini. More on this in my May column.

Jupiter has been adding protection to the signs of Taurus and Scorpio from the unpredictable energies of Uranus over the last year.

Just when you think Aries is calming down, Mars moves into Aries on April 30th to end the month of April where it started. Mars will remain in Aries till June 9th, 2024. It may take that much time before the changes in war and violence from humans and mother nature shows promise towards peace and stability.

It can happen next week if humans would just embrace holistic healthcare practices but for those of us who have witnessed a suppression of holistic healthcare since the 1980’s, we are not optimistic but know at some point the healthcare system must change so the health of everyone in every country is balanced.

I give more hope and promise in my kindle book “Full Moon Messages from the Pleiadians” available on Amazon. Visit my YouTube account by putting “YouTube Louis Valentino” in the search engine. I have several videos discussing a promising future as we move towards a golden age of peace when Pluto settles into Aquarius in the spring of 2026.

Until then, we must deal with the present moment and add as much light and love to this planet as we can.

Lou Valentino has been giving astrological consultations for over 30 years in both Western and Vedic.

He is the author of “Full Moon Messages from the Pleiadians” and has created musical compositions he created on his synthesizer for each chapter.

His YouTube account has FREE beginning astrology classes, videos on the chapters of his book and original musical compositions. Search, " You Tube Louis Valentino".