​​October is filled with lots of astrological energy. It starts off with a full Moon on October 1st in the sign of Aries at 9 degrees (5:05PM EDT). 

We have 2 full Moon's this month which only happens every two or three years. This is a harvest Moon, the first full Moon after the fall equinox.  

Aries wants fulfillment and a full Moon is about completions. If you have Sun, Moon or rising in Aries or planets in Aries, this full Moon wants you to complete any areas of your life represented by the house the full Moon falls in.  

A sense of completion on a project, relationship, schoolwork or whatever you have been working on over the last few months or so.  

We have 2 full Moon’s this month. The full Moon’s and the new Moon all have a Capricorn signature so Politics is in high gear and the Capricorn feeling to maintain tradition and doing things the same old way is meeting with friction from the public (Moon). 

Look for a relief bill that can help thousands if not millions of Americans on this full Moon or terrible news that our government has let down millions struggling to make ends meet.  

Mars in retrograde motion, the ruler of Aries, will not turn direct till November 14th and not out of its shadow till January 2, 2021. Mars, in this full Moon chart, is square to a stellium conjunction between Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter all in Capricorn. This spells lots of anger from the public which would indicate that the covid relief package is not passed by the time congress takes a recess for October till the beginning of November.  

However, a Yod (Finger of God) shows a last-minute decision that could save Americans from great suffering and great resentment to our political leaders. It shows their careers are on the line if they do not hear the millions of Americans who need to maintain financial balance in the middle of a pandemic. I’m writing this column on September 26, 2020.  

Mars could also cause the virus to multiply if this combination and if the numbers go up over the percentage limits set forth by the medical experts, we could have another shut down by election time. Then the federal congress will be forced to pass massive amounts of money to Americans or the international banking families will have to forgive debt to survive. That would be a miracle.  

As mentioned in my September column, professional sports as well as all sports in schools could be effected by the virus with Mars retrograde square to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto till the end of November. The NFL could be in trouble by Thanksgiving. 

IF the government passes the relief bill, 50% of the stress in America will be balanced. If they do not by the time Mercury stations retrograde on October 13th, we could see economic nightmare number 2 as Wall Street numbers plummet to levels similar to the beginning of the pandemic. This will affect people’s vote.  

Venus will enter Virgo on October 2nd and make a healthy trine to Mars looking positive for those born under the sign of Virgo. Virgo is feeling an extra boost of energy and able to get anything accomplished. 

Pluto stations direct on October 4th in Capricorn helping institutions to move forward again. Pluto has been retrograding since April 24th. Now we have, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all in direct motion. This helps us all move away from the heavier energies that have been present since March of 2020.  

Mercury turns retrograde on October 13th at 11 degrees of Scorpio and the sign of Scorpio turns inward and lots of energies hidden and secretive take over.  

This helps the sign of Scorpio with research of any subject and is also particularly good for therapy sessions and deep meditations. If you have Sun, Moon or rising or any planets in Scorpio take advantage of your inner world being in the spotlight and heal any issues you may have been ignoring.  

The new Moon on October 16th is in the sign of Libra at 23 degrees (3:31PM EDT). Libra creates balance in life, but this new Moon chart has lots of tension in it. This is the start, new Moon’s are about beginnings, to a very tense time in relationships, especially in Politics. It is going to be a fight to the finish.  

Where do we find the balance between what is said and promised with what is really going on in everyone’s day to day living? This energy will run till the next full Moon on the last day of October when the Moon is full in the sign of Taurus.  

If you have Libra energies in your chart, you could see tensions in your relationships on the rise and at a turning point. It is on the full Moon that conclusions can be made for an outcome in your relationships in your personal life, business life and friendships.  

The Sun moves into Scorpio on October 22nd around 7PM EDT. Happy birthday to the sign of Scorpio.  

Mercury will retrograde back into Libra on October 27th and Venus will enter Libra on the 22nd as well. This clearly shows if you have Sun, Moon or rising or any planets in Libra you come to a balance point by the full Moon in Taurus, Taurus is Venus ruled, on October 31st. 

It all starts for Libra, Aries, Capricorn, and Cancer on the 16th of October to find balance in your life. You may be asking for too much and need to pull in some of your desires and not be self-centered. By the 27th you will know what areas of your life need balancing and are ready to accept your own faults by the full Moon on the 31st.  

Mercury will station direct on election day, November 3rd at 12:50PM. This is very intense and with Mars not out of its shadow till January 2, 2021, the outcome to the election could take weeks before we get a result.  

I’m not saying that’s for sure as Mercury stationing direct on election day could surprise us all with a quick outcome. Either way it will be interesting as chaos meets with orderliness.  

More on this in my November column.  

The full Moon in Taurus on October 31st is in the sign of Taurus at 8 degrees (10:49AM) EDT. This Taurus full Moon is exactly conjunct Uranus in its Fall in Taurus. Either we are in a better situation financially or we are in a stressful situation. This all depends on the stimulus and the virus calming down. 

The worst thing the government could do is not give any more relief to the American people at the beginning of October and allow the economy to go under again. Taurus rules Wall Street and the candidates need a strong Wall Street especially President Trump if he wants to be re-elected. Need I say more.  

For those born under the sign of Taurus it is a time to look at their financial lives and make sure all the balances are there. Gains belong to Taurus and losses belong to Scorpio the opposite sign of Taurus. Uranus throws a huge monkey wrench into this full Moon chart so we will have to see what happens on the last day of October and a few days before leading up to the full Moon.  

For now, we just enjoy the ride and pray for the best. We pray that everyone is taken care of and that the Mars retrograde, which could enlarge/expand the virus does not continue to be an issue that is in everyone’s face. 

Mars can affect the blood so there could be answers to the virus other than the respiratory system that becomes known from the continued research of the medical establishment.  

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             October 2020