I had the honor to have an astrology session with Louis Thomas Valentino and I was blown away by his level of knowledge, training and expertise.

Lou was able to identify specific things that happened in the past. And he provided future dates when I can expect certain things and can also use for taking specific steps.

The best part is that he also lays out solutions to obstacles and problems.
His sessions are in-depth requiring hours of preparation beforehand.
He is the real deal with decades of experience. And not someone who calls himself an astrologer after reading just a few books.

He is also a rare astrologer with knowledge and training of BOTH Vedic and Western astrology.

As an astrologer myself, I was impressed by the level of his commitment to his craft along with his deep compassion for others.

He is incredibly generous with his time and knowledge.

I will definitely be going back for more astrology consultations in the future!
I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for an in-depth astrology session that is also spiritual and healing.

Thank you so much, Lou, for such an unforgettable session!

Founder of Divinekitten.com "Amreen Choudhury"

 Testimonials from astrological clients who recently received readings:

​​​“I came to Lou for a reading at a point in my life when I didn’t think I could handle much more- I had been through what it seemed like 10 years of intense challenge. Comprised of traumatic events, difficult relationships, loss of multiple loved ones, depression, and poor health.

My prayer was that a reading could help me to find perspective into what I had been though and perhaps understanding and hope moving forward. I was grateful for the reading as it did confirm that many of these particular karmic cycles would be ending, and I would be moving into parts of my life that would be much lighter and more joyful. It provided understanding into parts of my life I had been through with that a sense of peace.

He also took the time explain how you can approach more challenging parts of an astrology chart from a higher perspective. Lou is not only an experienced and well-educated astrologer- He is also a highly gifted intuitive who has dedicated his life to bringing light into this world.

His Nava Graha chant provides a sense of unconditional love and support you can feel- that permeates through the life of yourself and your loved ones. Since his readings for myself, my husband, and our son- I have a new hope, a new way of looking at my life, and I feel more resourceful when it comes to raising a teenager:)

I would recommend Lou’s work to anyone looking to better understand themselves or their relationship with a loved one. He is a special soul whose work is worth many times worth more than what he charges. It is truly an honor to know him and to have worked with him. 

"Julie Carter”


​​I received a very generous and lengthy reading from Louis. He is very knowledgeable

and helpful. He gave me information about planetary transits , favorable

and challenging aspects, and progressions. I learned a lot about myself

and my chart. I also received a reading about my daughter. This was very

helpful and insightful and I feel like I was able to understand more about

my child then I had previously known before. I learned about things that

are happening in my life now , things from my past , and things that can

happen in the future. Not only was Louis knowledgeable and helpful but

he is very kind, generous, and warm. His energy makes you feel at ease

instantly. We spoke for over an hour and a half. I am very grateful for the reading I received and highly recommend to others.

Ashley J G. , Tennessee


Life Reading Testimonials:

My path crossed with Lou Valentino 15 years ago.  Over the course of
that time, we have become very good friends, but more than that,
we have become close spiritual friends as well. We have been good
support systems for one another as we navigate through this complicated
system called life.

During the past 2- 3 years, Lou has been performing astrological readings
and using his chanting methods to speak specifically to my planets for
where I need strength and energy.  I can't thank him enough for all of his
wonderful work.  I truly feel the wind at my back, knowing he is guiding
me in a way that cannot be explained, only felt.  Thank you so much Lou
for all that you do for me and for others. You are a gift in my life.
Many blessings.

Joanne Impalleria, Massachusetts

What a great job you did. I will say that I've had my chart done
many times in both Western and Vedic style. Nobody even explained
that crucial detail of my Sun being unaspected, and what that means.
Unbelivable, yes, now that the meaning of that is sinking in.

Raha Soverign, Montana

I really appreciate your selfless, passionate, dedication in deciphering,
extrapolating and presenting very complex Eastern and Western
Astrology. You are extremely intuitive and talented, as well as very in
sync with your craft. I feel you have entered my life at a pivotal point
to effectively provide information to understanding the past, present
and most importantly my future decision making to encourage the
conditions for harmony in my spiritual, personal, home and business
life. You are a timely gift and I am very appreciative of your generosity
of time as well of course of your integrity. Thank you. David “Connecticut”


Testimonial for Life Reading with Karmic Chanting

Lou Valentino is a gift--a treasure really.  His open heart and unique gifts allow

him to become part of the healing mystery that the divine wishes to bestow on

each of us.  I truly felt held by his loving intention as he chanted for my soul

over a two week period. It was clear that Lou viewed this as sacred service

and the shifts and breakthroughs I experienced because of his care and

attention were truly profound.  I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to

move through persistent blocks that have challenged you your entire life. 

Profound change sourced by grace is indeed possible through his efforts.

Namaste, Susan (Connecticut)


I am so grateful to you; you helped me get some relief. I'm not sure you know the

impact of the work that you do and how much your talents can serve others. This

really helped me in "my hour of darkness" and I sincerely wanted you to know.



      “Brilliant/Powerful”                       “My favorite astrologer”

              Mary Holm                                     Susan Diamond

I found your reading helpful, informative, insightful and encouraging.

 I love when you got quiet before speaking the mantra for Inner

 Grace Meditation. Incredible presence of vibration! Intoxicating!

  “Mathew Z from New York”


I met someone new just like you said. And, new opportunities

  for my work have come to me from people you described. I

  highly recommend you.”

    “Arin T from New York”

Lou’s new e-book “Full Moon Messages from the Pleiadians” 2024 to 2044 is now available as a kindle for only $9.99 on Amazon. Just put heading above in subject field on 80 pages of information that outlines the new life program for planet earth with colorful photos by Endre Balogh throughout the kindle .

Specific information on how the Pleiadians live, UFO technological advancements they will bring to earth and target dates for when they will connect with planet earth.

Here are a few testimonials:

Humans have a love affair with the future, therefore this book is a must read for a detailed map not to just 2044, but beyond. It is an uplifting and informative account, covering the very exciting period that lays ahead taking us into an entirely New Age.”


Lou Valentino’s insights could help us look through the window of great possibilities for the future. I encourage everyone to explore his work.”


Lou, if you thought this book was going to be a smash hit, you are right. We need a vision and we need to raise our vibrations. Your book does all of that.


This is an amazing book! Lou Valentino’s Pleiadian predictions are out of this world, and yet, they make total sense. I can’t wait for 2024 and beyond………

ROSS MILLER, psychic healer and past-life regression therapist.



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